• Tuesday 8 October 2013

    How to Contour

    So it’s only been four days since I last blogged but it feels like that it has been forever!
    I have moved into my new apartment in Reading which I LOVE- my room even has a red feature wall and my bathroom is now peppered with pink accessories. Home comforts hey.  

    The first part of this week’s post shall be on ‘How to Contour’, so all you beautiful people can master your ‘glammed up’ evening look. Some individuals have rounder faces, some have thinner, however contouring is a simple trick which helps to enhance certain features as well as defining those angles.  All you need is a suitable brush, bronzer and highlighter (optional). The products listed below are the ones which I use and think are the best. So let’s get contouring!

    NARS ITA Brush

    This brush makes contouring so easy! The NARS ITA brush is quite small yet so powerful.

    Benefit Hoola Bronzer

    This bronzer is not too orange nor is it too brown- it’s a gorgeous olive/tanned colour. This bronzer does come with a contour brush.

    Step One- Base Your Face

    If you have oily skin base your nose/t-zone with a powder of your choice. Now take your contour brush and swirl it into your bronzer then tap off the excess.

    Step two- The Rule!

    THE RULE- always start from the top of the ear down to the corner of your mouth as this is what makes your cheek bones pop. NEVER go above the top of your ear. Take your brush again but now wiggle down towards the corner of your mouth (without going all the way as this will only make your face too sculptured). (Please refer to the red lines on cheek bones).

    Step Three- Do the Wiggle

    Without adding anymore bronzer to your brush, wiggle up and down gently down your contour line (so you are now blending). Now you can (if you choose to) curl/swoop your brush around your cheek bone (down and up). This will gently enhance your cheek bone. (Please refer to the red lines on cheek bones).

    THE HEART- Your eyebrows should act as ‘arches’ of a heart whilst the corners of your mouth act as the point. Inside the heart should be kept light and bronzer free. Please refer to the blue heart to the image above.

    Step Four- Hair Line

    Now add more bronzer to your brush and then tap off the excess again. Now hit your hair line (just above your temples) and wiggle up and down (please refer to the red lines on temples). Now you can (without any additional bronzer) blend out the rest of your face so there isn't any ‘stark white bits’ (please refer to the green lines). Now you can use a highlighter on the cheekbones to enhance them if you want too (please refer to the purple lines). The highlighter that I have used is MAC's 'gilded peach' highlighter.

    What do you like to use?

    Much Love
    Eltoria x
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