• Thursday, 3 October 2013

    Bucket List

    Watching 'The Bucket List' (the movie) the other day made me think- surely we all have some sort of 'bucket list'? So I thought that I would quickly write up a post and share mine with you all!

    Learn to speak Italian fluently
    Go skydiving
    Take a flying lesson
    Own a sapphire necklace
    Own a diamond necklace
    Take a make up artists course
    Go to uni
    Get published in a magazine
    Graduate from university with a LLB
    Write a beauty blog
    Dance for 10 years and then start a new hobby
    Start my YouTube channel
    Go and see the Northern Lights
    Get acrylic nails
    Move to the USA
    Go to the spa and get a full body massage
    Buy some cow boy boots and hat from Texas
    Go and see where Dallas was filmed
    Be a charity representative and do something for charity on a regular basis
    Travel around the Canary Islands
    Go paint-balling
    Do a Safari
    Throw a big birthday party 
    Go skiing
    Visit a historic place abroad and take a tour
    Walk on hot stones
    Go on a cruise ship
    Own a micro pig and call it Apples
    Own a Osprey bag
    Design and build my own house
    Swim with dolphins and sharks
    Get horrendously drunk in Vegas
    Get another piercing
    Chill out on a beach in Figi
    Take a business management course
    Hold a snake
    Hold a monkey

    Here are some that I have completed:

    Get published in a magazine

    Go on a cruise and travel around the Canary Islands

    Throw a big birthday party (my 18th!)

    Throw a big birthday party (my 18th!)

    Go to uni

    What would be on your bucket list? Have you done any of the above?

    Much Love
    Eltoria x
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