Thursday, 28 November 2013

How To Grow Your Hair Quicker 2

Wowee, the response from 'How to Grow Your Hair Quicker with New Shampoo' was one of my most viewed posts! So to feed all of your hungry minds and follicles, I have decided to do a version 2! But firstly, I like to apologise for not blogging in the last week, *slapped wrists*. Last week was a crazy one, but all will be revealed soon so stay tuned!

Pamper your Hair

This may seem obvious, but the amount of people that neglect their hair through harsh chemicals and heat is astonishing (don't worry I am guilty too!). No one can achieve long hair without keeping it in good condition, just by using the correct products and getting it trimmed once in a while can make all the difference. Hair ideally needs to be treated with keratin or protein based products which will inevitably cause the hair to become much stronger. 90% of your hair approximately contains keratin, so using anything with it in will only add life back into your locks. Recently I have been using Nism's F.A.S.T shampoo and conditioner and REDKEN 'Extreme Anti-Snap' leave in treatment. F.A.S.T shampoo and conditioner contains a special blend of natural herbs and essential amino acids giving your hair that intensive burst of vitamins and nutrients. The product contains Jenoris pistachio oil which will help to rehabilitate hair fibres which will prevent split ends. Once in a while I will then use REDKEN's anti-snap leave in treatment which contains a high concentration of protein which helps to fortify weakened areas. I highly recommended these products!! 

Top Tip: Why not massage your scalp once in a while? This will enhance circulation which will help stimulate hair growth.

Mint Products

Not only is mint shampoo good for treating lice, but for hair growth too! Mint helps to stimulate blood flow to the scalp which will inevitably enhance production in the hair follicle. In addition, its antiseptic properties will also help to relieve itchy scalps and dandruff too. In general, mint shampoo is extremely affordable being sold in most supermarkets and drug stores. I personally like to use Rehab by LUSH Cosmetics as it also contains lemon and seaweed which also helps to strengthen and nourish the cuticle.

100ml £5.25, 250ml £10.45, 500ml £16.75

Origins 'Clear Head' mint shampoo is extremely good too! It is currently priced at £12.60.

Cinnamon Products

Cinnamon, cinnamon, CINNNAMON! How festive is this? 'New' shampoo bar by LUSH Cosmetics featured in my last hair growth post! To check out this review then please click here.


Have you used any hair growth products before?

Much Love
Eltoria x

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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Best Dry Shampoo Ever?

Limes, lemons, oranges- it smells so tangy! This dry shampoo by LUSH Cosmetics is definitely THE BEST dry shampoo that I have ever used. Some of you may buy dry shampoo in an aerosol can, which are great, but annoyingly do not last very long. I use dry shampoo quite a lot, I usually wash my hair every 2-3 days (depending on what products I have used on my hair) where on the 2nd or 3rd day I'd pop some dry shampoo into my hair. I bought No Drought exactly 12 months ago and I kid you not, I'm still using the same bottle (and it's still got a way to go!). So why not enjoy fresh hair in an instant?

No Drought is priced at £6.75
Some people worry about the white powder showing once using a dry shampoo product. Who could blame them? a dandruff look wouldn't be desirable. The top tip is to use a small amount (roughly the size of a 2 pence coin) and then rub the powder into your hair thoroughly but gently. I have quite dark hair so rubbing thoroughly is a must, but once done, no one would even know that I had dry shampoo in my hair. No Drought contains absorbing and natural ingredients such as talc and cornflower which is perfect for anyone who suffers from an irritable scalp. I personally only use dry shampoo on the root of the hair, but if you are using it on the ends then make sure you brush thoroughly until no white bits are showing.

So why waste your pennies on a dry shampoo which is only going to last you a few weeks? 

Much Love
Eltoria x

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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Heart Surgery Patient Climbs Kilimanjaro for Charity!

Becky is a humble individual with a huge heart whose story will leave you feeling inspired.
In February 2013, Becky underwent major heart surgery for a hole which made her heart three times bigger. This increased pressure which inevitably caused her to suffer two strokes. She was only 19. As you can imagine, she never thought a year from her surgery she would be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for charity!

Becky believes 'innocent children deserve help and happiness'

Becky hopes to raise money for 'Hope for Children' which help disabled, orphaned, poor and exploited children by providing food, water, education and health care. Becky also has three younger siblings where the thought of children suffering at the same age (or younger) fuels her determination. 

So we support Becky who has swapped her high heels for walking boots, a bed for a tent and real food for rations. What a great personal challenge! YOU CAN DO THIS! Becky needs as much as possible, even just a pound, a little can make a difference!

To donate, please click HERE (or the image above) where you shall automatically be directed to Becky's fundraising page.

I've donated, have you?

Much Love
Eltoria x


Monday, 18 November 2013

Christmas Bathbombs!

It's that time of year where all things sparkly and colourful becomes the seasons top priority. For me, Christmas would not be complete without a bundle of fabulous smelling bath products! So one afternoon I popped into LUSH Cosmetics to scope out their new Christmas range, and boy, they ought to give themselves a massive pat on the back because they have absolutely killed it this year! From Santa's grottos to Snow balls, I was like a child in a candy shop. 

The Christmas Penguin

How cute are these two? The Christmas Penguin contains exotic scents such as orange flower, mandarin oil and sicilian oil. Crumble under warm running water to create bubbly glaciers and release the love that contains within. This product would be fantastic for those who love 'The Olive Branch' and 'Pop in the Bath' bubble bar by LUSH Cosmetics too. 

Luxury Lush Pudding

This Bath-bomb is like watching a firework display on the 5th of November. This bath bomb contains soothing scents such as lavender and ylang ylang which is perfect for a chilly winters evening. This product is ideal for those who love the 'Twilight' bath bomb from LUSH Cosmetics.

Secret Santa

Did I just hear that this has 3 bath-bombs in one? I think so. When your crack this bath bomb in half (just like cracking an egg) a Santa Clause will fall out into your bath! How cool is that? You can then use the grotto to turn your bath water bright orange. This product is perfect for those that want to give a little something for Christmas. The scent of this bath bomb is from the exclusive '29' scent from LUSH which is meant to replicate the actual smell of the shop! So what are you waiting for?

Shoot for the Stars

TOFFEE, FUDGE AND CARAMEL- this is what I get from this little divine invention. Rich with bergamot and orange oil will guarantee you the perfect antidote to your dry skin caused by the winter air. This bath bomb will turn your bath into a moonlit sky offering you the perfect relaxation after a hard days endeavours.

Father Christmas

The smell of red 'gummy bears' is enough to make my tongue tangle when smelling this product. Infused with tradition orange flower absolute and mandarin oil will be the perfect surprise to any stocking. This bath bomb will truly show off its 'Christmas Spirit' by turning your bath red and green! Best of both Santa's hey? 

 Candy Mountain

From the top selling 'Snow Fairy' scent which is only exclusive at Christmas time, LUSH Cosmetics also invites you to indulge yourself into a mountain of candy! Candy Mountain is perfect for anyone who has a 'sweet tooth' loving all things pink. This product contains vanilla pod and cornflower which is perfect for anyone who has sensitive skin. So why not add a sweet mist amongst the peaks of your bubble glaziers this Christmas?


Sit back, relax, and sit by the fire on a winters afternoon. The warming sensation of cinnamon and sweet orange oil allows you to tease your senses with the sound of popping candy too. This product is excellent for anyone who suffers from muscular pain or poor circulation. This bath bomb will surely make you feel right at home!


MILK CHOCOLATE, MILKY BUTTONS AND ALL THINGS SWEET! This gorgeous teaser is excellent for anyone who has really sensitive skin. The cocoa butter and cream of tartar will banish any dry feeling caused by your skin. This product is excellent for anyone who enjoys to use 'Butterball' from LUSH Cosmetics.

 Melting Snowman

All things 'spiced' and beautiful- a perfect way to make your bathtub feel like Christmas this year. This product will make you feel like that you are indulging yourself into a huge 'hot toddy'. This bath melt will make your skin feel extremely soft and hydrated. What a perfect way to start the festive holidays!

 So White

As they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away! So White has a crisp and delicate apple scent which will create a beautiful rose coloured bath. LUSH's own 'snow ball' truly is amazing where it's plain appearance really shouldn't put you off. Scent wise, it is one of my favourites so check it out!


The smell of Christmas cooking is enough to make my tummy rumble whilst writing this post. Bombardino arguably smells like shortbread or like a cookie, so excellent for all you baking lovers! It's inspiration came from an apres ski drink which was made traditionally in the Italian Alps with eggnog, brandy and whipped cream. However this product contains soya milk and cocoa butter which will leave your skin feeling silky and soothed! 

 Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is an absolute MUST! The combination of jasmine and ylang ylang is enough to tame a young child's excitement on Christmas Eve. This product is perfect after a long day at work or to cure an outrageous hanger after Christmas or New Year.

So which one will you be buying this Christmas?

Much Love
Eltoria x


Thursday, 14 November 2013

Oasis Sale Buys!

When there's a red sign with white text it can only mean one thing... SALE TIME! I was first introduced to OASIS clothing by my friend Jess who works in one of the Bristol stores. I always find myself rummaging through a mountain of her Oasis buys in order to find something perfect for a night out. Oasis claim that they provide an 'eureka!' moment to a 'nothing to wear' dilemma, which they couldn't of phrased more perfectly. It's feminine and flattering pieces brings the best to a contemporary British wardrobe offering bright colours and adorable patterns. Oasis caters to any style to any occasion so taking a sneak peak at their website is an absolute must!

Lace Sleeve Tanya Top
This chiffon blouse is one of my favourites! It features a peter pan collar with gorgeous lace inserted on the sleeves. This piece is finished with pleat detailing on the front with a key hole cut out on the back with a button to fasten at the neck. This top looks amazing with just jeans or part of a work assemble. I purchased this top for £22.00 in the sale.

Lace Yoke Top
This top looks incredible with anything! A casual sleeveless top with lace detailing and a slit to the neckline. I usually wear this top with light grey jeans with lots of bangles and black military boots. I bought this top for £15.00 in the sale.

Casual Attire

Lace Side Woven Back Top
This top featured in my September/October favourites! This colour block top features long sleeves with a scooped round neckline with piping detail. This top is perfect for an everyday look as it's light and comfortable. I like to wear this top with shiny black leggins/jeans and black boots. I bought this top for £15.00 in the sale.

Instagram #eltoriasecrets

Left: me (to the far right) wearing black Oasis play suit. Right: me wearing the Oasis Tanya top. Follow me at #eltoriasecrets

Will you be buying anything from Oasis?

Much Love
Eltoria x

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Sunday, 10 November 2013

ASOS Voucher Buy!

 With the temperature plummeting and the air becoming crisp, it only meant one thing, NEW OUTFIT ALERT! If you are like me, even the the slightest turn in wind direction will prompt me to buy something new- a girl must wrap up and get with the weather right? Although it is usually my bank balance that takes the hit, I was however fortunate enough to receive a ASOS voucher last week! With a onsie on and a cup of tea to hand, I was ready to shop for my item!

In the end I selected this gorgeous jumper dress from River Island for £25.00. I particularly like to combine this dress with black tights and black boots- which is a perfect Autumn look! This dress is made out of stretchy jersey fabric featuring sheer shoulder panels and a boat neckline. Overall, this dress is perfect for a comfortable day outfit!

Primark £5.00
A dress is usually not complete without a statement necklace. I picked this one up from Primark for £5.00! It is light yet shiny which are both perfect ingredients for a glamorous look.

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Twitter @eltoriasecrets

Why not treat yourself on ASOS this weekend?

Much Love
Eltoria x

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

How to Create a Natural Smoky Eye with Rimmel

A 'smokey eye' is a particular trend which never seems to fade. Having smokey eyes during the day, for me, is perfect if it is toned down a little. This natural yet extremely powerful look will compliment any outfit, whether it being an elegant suit or a funky retro dress. The key to the perfect smokey eye is proper blending. You can achieve this by purchasing affordable make-up brushes, namely a eye shadow brush, eye liner brush, eye crease brush and a blending eye shadow brush. I personally use MAC's collection or Real Techniques but I find the ones from ELF extremely good too. You also want to make sure that you pair light base colours with rich dark colours. Nice mixes include: soft gold base with a maroon brown or a champagne base with a grey/rich blue. For the purpose of this post, I have decided to try out Rimmel London's Glam' Eyes in Smokey Noir. It contains shimmery whites, greys and blacks.

  1. Apply Primer. Primer will allow pigments to set on the eye lid for longer. It will also prohibit 'creasing' too.
  2.  Use your eye-lid blending brush to apply the lightest shade all over your eye lid. You can also blend the excess up towards your eye socket (but not too much!) Try and be a little ambitious with this stage as your want the colours to really stand out.
  3. Take your eye-crease brush and apply a darker colour around the crease to your eye (I didn't do it too much in the image above). But this technique will enhance definition to your eyes.
  4.  Apply the darkest shade to your eye-shadow brush and start at your lash line, blending up. Make sure you blend thoroughly into to lash line and stop colour at the crease. The absolute key here is to BLEND.
  5. (optional) take a mid grey colour and blend this towards the outer corners of the eye. Blending this up and down with a blending brush will certainly add texture.
  6.  Now apply liquid/pencil eye-liner to your top eye lid. Here ^, I applied it extremely thinly, however for a much more dramatic look, apply thicker, finishing with a 'cat eye' ie: applying the eye-liner further along the top eye lid towards the outer corners of your eyes.
  7. Now apply eye-liner along the water line/outer line on the bottom lids. Now take your eye-liner brush and apply any colour of your choice (I like to use a black powder, but an electric blue would look amazing) and brush along your bottom eyelashes. The key again here is to blend. You could also add a lighter grey/white colour to add more smoke.
  8.  Apply mascara to bottom and top lashes. 
  9. (optional) Add highlighter just under the arch of your eyebrow- this will enhance the structure around your eye. I like to use LUSH Cosmetics Feeling Younger or Benefit's High Beam.
  10. (optional) Add false lashes for a fuller look!

Captured on Instagram #eltoriasecrets

Eltoria's Secrets on Instagram

What do you think of this look?
Much Love 
Eltoria x

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Monday, 4 November 2013

Casio Watch Review

This dainty watch brought to you by Casio is an excellent watch for those who would want to add a little splash of 'retro' into their lives. This watch is extremely different compared to any other watch on the market- so standing out from the crowd is an absolute guarantee. It's gorgeous stainless steel strap is light yet shiny, offering the easiest adjustment for those that may need it. This watch looks incredible with any outfit for any occasion, so it's versatility gets a massive A*!

I also give the practicality of this watch 10/10- it's a good watch for those who are on the go 24/7! It's digital face is waterproof with added features such as an alarm and a timer. I wore this watch for 10 days before writing this review, so I can say with certainty that this is one reliable watch. You can purchase this watch in 7 other colours at £24.00 (13% off!) from the WATCHSHOP. An affordable buy with lots of benefits.

What do you all think?
Much Love 
Eltoria x
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