Monday, 30 September 2013

New Elf Cosmetics

I first fell in love with Elf Cosmetics when I once bought their 'Studio Eyebrow Kit' a few months ago- I'm afraid to say it even beats MAC. Not only does it stay on for longer but it is the fraction of the price as it is only £3.75! BARGAIN. This time round I wanted to select a number of items that I hadn't tried before, so I decided to get the products that I was running out of. I ordered them on Tuesday last week and received them on the Thursday- so they arrived in time for my 21st birthday... Yey. Overall the pricing of this make-up brand is extremely affordable which is great if you are shopping on a budget. Both make-up and tools have been trailed and tested with proper make-up artists- so you are able to achieve that flawless finish. Last week I uploaded a picture of the products onto my Instagram page as I was so impressed with the packaging! Click here if you would like to see more.

Eye Primer

I personally couldn't fault this primer- it's just like any other but a lot cheaper. My eye shadow didn't crease nor did it smudge off, it stayed on the whole day. I rate this product 9/10.

Lengthening and Volumising Mascara

Yet again, I couldn't fault this product. I personally believe that it is so easy to get ripped off when it comes to buying mascara because it is unnecessary to buy an expensive one! This product helps to achieve thicker, fuller and longer lashes that are beautiful and natural. The enlarged brush coats your lashes evenly for an enhanced appeal and the formula is clump free. I rate this product 8/10.

Baked Blush

This blush is such a gorgeous shimmering colour which helps to create a natural look. It was hard to apply this blusher onto my brush- it didn't seem to stick. However once on it was gorgeous on the cheek bone. I rate this product 7/10.

Duo Eye-shadow- Brown

I personally didn't really like this product- the pigments weren't strong enough. It however made a really nice base coat, but I then had to go over it with another eye shadow pallet. I rate this product 5/10.

Foundation Brush

As you all know I don't wear foundation on a day to day basis but I thought this brush was amazing! Usually I stay away from cheaper brushes but I couldn't fault it- it felt as good as a expensive one. All of Elf's make-up brushes have been designed and tested by professional make-up artist Scott Vincent Borba. Each brush has been ergonomically designed to fit perfectly into your hand a facilitate a flawless finish with every application. I rate this brush 9/10.

Eyeliner Brush

I LOVED this brush- it was so accurate and soft on the eye. This gentle brush tip perfectly reaches the inner and outer lash for ultra thin and smooth application. Works in harmony with wet or dry formulations for a lasting look. I rate this brush 9/10.

There we go guys! I spent only £13.50 for 6 items- amazing hey? I highly recommend this brand if you want affordable yet good quality make-up. Here are some photo's that were taken after I applied the make-up to myself. Let me know what you think!

Makeup- done by myself
Photography- Joey Menghini

Makeup- done by myself
Photography- Joey Menghini

Much Love Guys!
Eltoria x

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Versatile Award

Wooo Eltoria's Secrets has been nominated for their second award by the lovely Anna from The Versatile Award is an award for versatility in writing, photography and 'uniqueness' of subjects covered. As part of the award I shall be answering some questions and nominating 15 other blogs for the award.

So here we go guys, 7 facts about Eltoria from Eltoria's Secrets:

1. I am a twin!- Not many people believe me as we look NOTHING alike. I used to steal her 'Barbie Maniken' doll where I would play 'hairdresser' and cut all it's hair off and put make-up on it.

2. I have an unhealthy obsession with Coronation Street- I know call me 'granny' but I love it!

3. I was really scared to start blogging- mainly for the fear of being 'judged'. However it is one of the best things that I have ever done so I couldn't care less about any negativity. 

4. I study Law at University- I am now in my third year where I cannot wait to finish now. So many people didn't think that I would get the grades to get in- but the doubts gave me buckets of motivation. So cheers for that!

5. My favourite colour is red- Everything is pretty much red in my room (apart from the walls). I always wear red lipstick whether it being day or night. I love it.

6. I hate reading books whilst on holiday- For many it's a normal thing but I honestly cannot stand it! I rather be playing volley ball in the pool or playing basket ball or tennis. 

7. I love football... and ballet!- Quite the opposite from one another don't you think? I played football for a team for 6 years and danced for around 11 years! Elegance to tom boy.

Here are my nominations for the Versatile Award:

Miss Makeup Magpie-

I LOVE reading all your blogs and love seeing you all grow further!


1. Display award on your blog
2. Mention/link the lovely people who nominated you
3. Nominate another 15 blogs/bloggers who you feel should be given this award
4. Inform that you have nominated them
5. Write 7 facts about you

Love to hear from you all!

Much Love
Eltoria x


Thursday, 26 September 2013


Hello to you all my lovelies!

Just a quick one (as I'm very excited) It's my...

Yey! Today I have a few things planned (but I have no idea what as it's all been kept hush). So 21 is pretty much a mile stone- I'M GETTING ON NOW AHHH! However: I'm keeping:

I'll let you all know how my day went in my next post. Please follow me, like me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter- it would make my day. Links are in the side-bar. So turning 21, is that old? ha.

Much Love Eltoria x


Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Click on image above

I was extremely excited once I received this email today:

'SHOPCADE is currently running an exclusive sweepstake with ASOS where users can tweet, create lists, and use points to collect entries, and be in for a chance of WINNING £150/$150 to spend at ASOS'

Ahhh just think of all the clothes! All you need to do is click on the image above where you will be taken to the Shopcade competition page- you can even sign in with Facebook or Twitter... it's that simple!

GET INVITING- because it doesn't stop there!

1. 10 friends gets you a free Starbucks gift card
2. 30 friends gets you a £150/$150 ASOS voucher
3. 100 friends win you an iPad mini!

Surely all of you have more that 10 friends on your Facebook page!

Why Shopcade?

Creating Shopcade gives you the chance to collect things you love in one place. Whenever you discover a product you like, just add it to 'Your Shopcade' to save it for later or share it with other users or friends. By creating a Shopcade and adding products you will be able to trend in the 'People Page'. The MORE YOU TREND the better the REWARDS you can redeem- so keep adding the things you love! Rewards include FREE products from top brands (ie The Body Shop), % discount and MUCH more!

Not only do I think that this is a 'bloody' great app, but it has also made my shopping a lot easier! If you enjoy shopping and catching on with the latest style then get downloading! Good luck everyone!

Much love
Eltoria x


Monday, 23 September 2013

September Buys and Benefit

Beauty Buys

So recently I have become obsessed with make up- especially from Benefit! Up until this day I have been a pure MAC girl, but one Thursday afternoon everything changed. I popped into my local MAC store to pick up a few products but firstly I wanted some help from one of the make-up artists to get some advice on some colours. I waited 30 minutes (which I didn't mind as it was quite busy) but I was personally made to feel like I was a 'hindrance' or a 'bother' to them so I ended up strolling into the next room- Ah Benefit! The lady greeted me with the biggest smile whilst also complimenting me on my top. She instantly was very attentive and asked if I was all OK, where I then asked if I could try out some new bronzer/concealer colours. She sat me down straight away and pretty much re-did my whole make-up for me- I was chuffed. I ended up buying a 'Play Stick' which is an all in one concealer, foundation and powder. The stick contains green tea, chamomile and ginkgo biloba which helps to maintain a healthy complexion. I got the Play Stick in ivory and paid £26.50- it feels unbelievably light on my skin! I then got 'Hoola' bronzing powder which I highly recommend if you want a natural 'tanned' look. I paid £23.50 for this product (which I know will probably last me a whole year).

Benefit Review Picture 1
Benefit Review Picture 2

I rate the customer service at Benefit 10/10! I also received some samples which were relevant to my skin consultation.
 The Body Shop Atlas Mountain Rose Range

Perfume- £15.00
Body Lotion- £10.00
Shower Gel- £6.50
Gift Box (which I purchased containing both perfume and shower gel) Only £20!

You may think 'granny' BUT I LOVE THIS ROSE RANGE! It smells so gorgeous that I just want to indulge myself in this scent 24/7.

 The Body Shop Mango Butter Range

Small Mango Butter- £5.00
Mango lip butter- £4.00

These both smell as good as one another! As my lips are now getting dry and sore from the cold air, I would recommend this lip butter over Vaseline any day!

Fashion Buys

Eltoria LOVES! 
I bought these tops in a larger size so that they would be slightly baggy. I like to wear these tops with leggins, jeggins or lighter jeans.

Necklace- Primark £2.50
Both Tops- Primark £4.00 each
Boots- Newlook £24.99

Seasonal Purchase

Jumper- TKMax £16.99

I actually found this top in the mens section! This jumper is extremely cosy which looks amazing with just a pair of leggins. I always find that the mens section (at this time of year) have better jumpers than the ladies. Be brave!

 SALE Item

Real Leather Jacket- Newlook £20.00

I honestly couldn't believe that this little beauty was in the sale for just £20 (reduced from £70!) I however wanted a new leather jacket which WAS NOT black (as everyone seems to be wearing black leather jackets these days) so beige was perfect- I'm in love!

Candle Buys

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE candles!- especially at this time of year. I have recently been experimenting with many fragrances but if any of you have any personal recommendations then please let me know! This months picks are:

TU Candles- purchased in Sainsburys on offer for £2.99 each

Yankee Candle- Mandarin and Cranberry £19.99

What tickles your fancy then?

Eltoria x

Friday, 20 September 2013

Bare Naked

You didn't think I would actually post photos of myself bare naked did you? But what I would like to share with you all is my strong hate for foundation. Yes the word 'hate' may seem a little strong however I believe wearing foundation everyday is extremely unnecessary. Why? because there are much more healthier options. The first time I started to wear foundation was when I was 14 because everyone at school was. 14 nower days is considered to be an older age to start wearing foundation but a majority of girls start in school. Once your start to wear foundation it is usually hard to 'wean' yourself off it because most of us believe that we need it to cover our 'impurities'. I wore foundation for 3 years until I started to notice a change in my skin- it was whiter from the rest of my body, oiler, spottier, and redder (from where blemishes started to appear).  So I sought for other alternatives.

Could foundation really be the cause of our impurities? I believe so.

Foundation- choose carefully

I'm not trying to put you off foundation completely but you should be extremely careful on which one you choose to buy. Some foundations contain 'petroleum' which have the same origins in fossil fuels! Petroleum helps to lock moisture against the skin which is why some people 'break out' or develop dry or blemished skin. Your skin also absorbs up to 60% of chemicals contained in products, so you must extra careful when selecting the right foundation for you. I advise not to wear foundation on a regular basis if you have extremely troubled skin- it is only an aggravating factor!

A recent experiment done by the Daily Mail in July illustrated that the cause of many skin problems can be from the failure to remove your foundation at night! A staggering one out of three women in the UK forget to take their foundation off at least twice a week!

Before and after: Experts said Anna's skin aged by ten years as a result of not removing her make-up for an entire month

Other Alternatives- Minerals, Minerals, Minerals!

Oh minerals... how I LOVE YOU! Every day (and even on nights out) I will only wear a little bit of concealer under the eyes and my bare minerals. Not only is my skin healthier, it is less oiler, less pale with less impurities! Everything a lady craves. Minerals (or plant based abstracts) doesn't sit flat on the skin which allows your skin and pores to breathe. When you buffer this 'powder like' substance onto the skin it immediately reacts with the heat from your skin which consequently causes the mineral to expand. This is what makes your skin look like you're wearing foundation when you're not. The two I alternate between are: 

The Body Shop-  Extra Virgin Minerals


I have been wearing this powder for 4 years now and I LOVE IT! This product contains kaolin and SPF 25 which is great for both oily and sensitive skin.

LUSH- Emotional Brilliance Translucent Face Powder


This product contains softening jojoba oil and talc which will leave your skin feeling extremely nourished! This product is an excellent protecting barrier between your face and other elements. For those who refuse to give up foundation, this product would act as an excellent finish onto the skin.

Not convinced?

At least try a lighter foundation by bareMinerals? A foundation which will not 'clump up or cake up' your face.


My Day Face

Here using LUSH Emotional Brilliance

My Night Face

Here using The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals

What is your opinion?

Eltoria x


Monday, 16 September 2013

Facemask Review- Find the best one for you!

There's nothing better than kicking off those heels, glass of wine in one hand, TV remote in the other relaxing with a deep cleansing face mask on your face.... this should definitely be done at least once a week ladies! Selecting the right face-mask is personal as we all have different skin types. Whether or not we're exposed to icy weather, central heating or even overdoing it in the sun we all should take time in finding the right one, after all you wouldn't want your skin to be left too oily or too dry! Face-masks help to treat the many 'under layers' to the skin drawing out dirt, oil and bacteria from the skin. They can also tighten, prevent blemishes and add essential vitamins too. Our skin approximately goes through a '28 day cycle' so regularly using a face-mask will keep your skin well nourished, healthy and impurity free. For the last few weeks I have made it my mission to find the best face-masks for all the different skin types i.e. dry, oily, combination and sensitive. 

Sensitive skin/dry skin

To truly have sensitive skin means that your skin frequently reacts badly to skin products, cosmetics and even the environment. Sensitive skin is categorized into four types: acne, rosacea, burning and stinging. If you suffer from sensitive skin you need to be cautious of certain ingredients which may cause irritation. Citric acid, vitamin C, glycolic acid and azaelic acid are examples which may cause burning and stinging to the skin.

Oatifix- LUSH Cosmetics

£5.95- leave on for 10 minutes
Oatifix is rich with gentle ingredients such as bananas, vanilla and oats which are all cooling and extremely nourishing on the skin. The illipe butter helped to reduce the redness from my skin and the ground almonds gave a slight ex foliation. I left this face-mask on for 10 minutes which made my skin feel extremely hydrated and soft. It is advised that this face-mask should be stored in the fridge as it is handmade with the freshest ingredients. I rate this face-mask 7.5/10 as it was a pain to rinse off!

Honey & Oat Mask- The Body Shop

£10.00- leave on for 10 minutes

THIS MASK SMELT AMAZING! The Body Shop's Honey & Oat facemask is a 3-in-1 scrub mask which cleanses, polishes and moisturises in one. A weekly use of this product will help remove dead cells and blackheads whilst also adding moisture to the skin. Although this product smelt amazing I was expecting it to be slightly more scrubby, but it's grainy texture certainly left my skin feeling it soft. I rate this product 8/10 as it could of been a little more scrubby.

Oily skin/sensitive 

Murad Clarifying Mask

£38.00- leave on for 10 minutes

This mask contains kaolin and bentonite which draws out dirt and bacteria leaving the skin looking beautifully soft and shine free. The liquorice extract helped to condition my skin whilst the green seed powerfully protected my skin from free radical damage. This product left my skin looking less shiny and dull. I rate this product 9/10!

Catastrophe Cosmetic- LUSH 

£5.95- leave on for 10 minutes
'When disaster looms Catastrophe Cosmetic calms and cleanses the skin'. Blueberries rich in beneficial anti-oxidants, soothing chamomile, and irish moss help with sore and irritable skin. Face-masks with talc in them help to absorb excess oils allowing the skin to look less shiny. This facemask left my skin looking less aggravated but it however was a pain to get off. I therefore rate this face-mask 9/10. (It is also advised that this face-mask should be stored in the fridge as it is handmade using the freshest ingredients).

Cosmetic Warrior- LUSH

£5.95- leave on for 10 minutes

This face-mask didn't smell very nice at all. This face-mask contains antiseptic ingredients such as garlic, tea tree, honey and deep cleansing kaolin. Despite the smell, it did leave my skin looking less shiny but I didn't feel it was as good as Cosmetic Catastrophe above. I feel this face-mask would be good for those who suffer from congested pores rather than actual acne. I rate this mask 5/10. (It is also advised that this face-mask should be stored in the fridge as it is handmade using the freshest ingredients).


Combination Skin

Combination skin usually represents an oily t-zone (forehead and nose) where the rest of the face is either dry or normal.

 Very Berry- Montagne Jeunesse

99p- leave on for 15 minutes

This face-mask smelt and looked utterly amazing! It's shiny texture was just beautiful. This face-mask is bursting with the juice of pressed blueberries, crushed cranberries and nourishing ingredients such as peach kernel oil and soothing aloe which left my skin refreshed and cleansed. I rate this face-mask 10/10- I really couldn't fault it!

Glacial Clay Spa- £1.20 Deep Cleansing Clay Formula- 99p
I then went to try Glacial Clay Spa by Montagne Jeunesse and Deep Cleansing Clay Formula by Mudd. The natural rush of Glacial Clay on my skin left my pores feeling extremely refreshed. This mask also contains red grape and arctic cloud-berry which helps to regenerate the skins natural barrier. I rate this mask 9/10! It was beautiful just like 'Red Berry'. The Deep Cleansing Clay Formula by Mudd helps to tone and tighten the skin which inevitably protects the pores from blackheads. This face-mask felt extremely drying and itchy on my face where I had to take it off after 4 minutes! I rate this face-mask 5.5/10 as I didn't find it relaxing or enjoyable to have on my face.

Ageing skin

 Ayesha- LUSH 

£5.95- leave on for 10 minutes

This face-mask has elderflower infusion and vinegar to balance out the skin tone, honey to moisturise and kiwi to add vitamin C to the skin. Ayesha also contains asparagus and witch hazel which helps to break down and tighten the skin. Ayesha left my skin feeling rejuvenated and fresh. I rate this mask 7.5/10! (It is also advised that this face-mask should be stored in the fridge as it is handmade using the freshest ingredients).

Oily Skin 

Usually you can tell whether or not someone has oily skin because the skin surface appears much more shinier. However if you suffer from acne, blocked pores and blackheads then this could also can be an indication.  Products containing coconut oil and avocado may increase irritation in people with acne- so therefore 'high fat' oils must be avoided. Oily skin can be caused by the following:

1. Genetics- larger sebaceous glands that produce excess oil.
2. Seasonal Change- A rise in heat could cause the skin's oil production to increase. In contrast, when the hair gets colder (and hence dryer) the skin can get dehydrated and excess oil may occur when it overcompensates on what it is missing.
3. Medication and Stress- ie hormonal birth control pills and in response to stress your body produces more androgen hormones.
4. Sun tanning- some people believe that sunbeds help reduce the appearance of acne- WRONG! It in fact produces a protection layer of oil in order to protect the skin surface.
5. Overuse/using wrong skin care products- using too much moisturiser can make your skin oily- the correct size is only a small nail size! Also if you have oily skin, try buying moisturisers which are low fat.

Warming Mineral Mask- The Body Shop

£10.00- leave on for 10 minutes

This face-mask DEFINITELY felt the best out of all the face-masks above. Once applied onto the skin, you get this beautiful warming sensation on the skin which feels extremely deep cleansing. This mask contains many minerals which absorbs excess oils and dirt from the pores. I rate this mask 9/10- it really is worth the buy!

MY WINNER! Mask of Magaminty- LUSH
£4.75- leave on for 5-7 minutes

MY GOSH! How refreshed did my pores feel? I can only describe this mask as 'detol for the face'- it was truly amazing. This product contains peppermint oil which certainly made my pores feel extremely fresh- just like brushed teeth! This mask also contains aduki beans and evening primrose which allowed me to gently scrub my skin whilst removing the face-mask. This product is definitely deserves a massive 10/10!

Some of you may of been following my progress off my instagram page. If you would like a sneak preview of pictures before they are published then please follow me by clicking the instagram logo in the sidebar.

So there we go guys! Which face-mask will you be buying?


Thursday, 12 September 2013

Questions, Answers and Little Beauty Tips

  • Real Name? Simone, I used to be called 'Sim ONE' at school.
  • Why the name 'Eltoria Secrets'?- I really liked the name 'Elle' and the name 'Toria', but I thought on their own they didn't sound right. So I merged them together and got 'Eltoria'. I used 'Secrets' because I'm sharing all my tips to you guys :)
  • Why beauty? If you actually saw my bedroom dressing table- you would know why. Whilst studying for university, learning about other things like beauty and cosmetics completely de-stresses me.
  • What do you consider 'important' when it comes to beauty?- CLEANSING, TONING AND MOISTURISING!- so incredibly important.
  • The best advice you've ever been given about beauty?- avoiding parabens and silicone in hair products! and always to moisturise under the eyes! 
  • Your favorite beauty product and why? Extra Virgin Mineral powder from The Body Shop. I love the way it sits on the skin and it also contains SPF 25.
  •  What’s the one product you wouldn’t leave your house without?- Ambition lipstick from LUSH cosmetics- I'm always wearing red.
  • What’s your favorite eye shadow colour to wear? Smokey- combination of whites, browns and blacks.
  • What’s your favourite makeup look ? Day- natural with coral lip-gloss/or red lip-stick Night- smokey eyes with bronzed cheeks.
  • Your favourite makeup brand? The Body Shop collection and MAC
  • Regular beauty treatment? apart from by eyebrows... My nails!!!! I'm addicted. It makes me feel happy. 
  • What beauty product do you consider to be a treat on a weekly basis?Rainforest deep conditioning treatment from the Body Shop and Mask of Magaminty face-mask from LUSH once or twice a week.

It has finally arrived! My next post will be on the much awaited face-mask review!

See you guys here Sunday! Lots of Love Eltoria x


Monday, 9 September 2013

The Love School- utter genius?

The 'Love School' magazine really caught my attention whilst on the train travelling back home- a school teaching on how to love someone... is this pure genius or just bonkers? At first I thought the latter however a good read of this magazine significantly altered my perception. The Love School website used a great example: 'would you get behind the wheel of a car and head down to the motorway if you never had a driving lesson?'- obviously not. They believe that when it comes to love, many of us jump in head first without learning what it takes to make a relationship work. Is this a great theory as to why many of us end up crashing?

'You can't help who you fall in love with; you can't control who you like. It's something that just happens and when that feeling comes, the common advice is to follow your heart?'- The Love School thinks NOT. The article reiterates that 'love is not felt' it is more about getting to know the other person and seeing their flaws in a positive way. Surely we can see it like this- when we start something (ie careers, courses or employment schemes) we believe that we will enjoy it, however when we become more knowledgeable, we learn to either love or hate our choices. It's the same with love... right?

5 Things to do if you are single- The Love School's advice:

1. Stop comparing- you are who you are.
2. Invest in yourself- if you want to be a good catch you need to be one.
3. Like someone your mind approves of-choose someone whose characteristics are compatible with yours. If they fail the test of intelligence forbid your heart.
4. I would go up to that person using my mind and not my heart.
5. Get educated about love.

But is this strategically possible? could over thinking things in fact ruin our chances in finding love?After all opposites do attract.

The Love School also advises in many areas ie: betrayal, marriage, living with difficult people, and much more. If you guys would like to find out more about 'The Love School' please check out or book your tickets for their event at Wembley Arena on the 22nd September 2013 at or even join the debate at

So what do you all think- is 'The Love School' a genius idea? Comment below.

Much Love Eltoria x


Thursday, 5 September 2013

The Body Shop- A* Loyalty

Get your loyalty card now!

The Body Shop was founded by Dame Anita Roddick in 1976, a cosmetic company supporting human rights, protecting the environment, and animal testing- it's ethos still survives today. I have recently become an addict to their products and also highly impressed at their extreme loyalty towards customers- 'beauty with heart' really does mean more than just beauty.

Yesterday I visited my local branch to find some new face-masks, but got completely drawn to their gorgeous range of butters- they smell so scrummy! I only picked up a small mango butter priced at £5 and asked for a couple face mask samples- as my skin is quite sensitive so I wanted to try them first. I was however completely SOLD on their loyalty card which are only £5! The loyalty card includes:

1. A feelgood 10% off all products*
2. Up to £15 worth of free gifts a year with your 4th & 8th stamps (as seen on the loyalty card itself)**
3. A special birthday gift worth up to £5***
4. Invitation to member events
5. Divine member discounts
6. First to know about latest news and product launches

**subject to terms and conditions**

As it is my 21st birthday in 21 days I was entitled to my £5 birthday gift!- so I used my £5 to pay for my small pot of mango butter. Also upon registration I received a free shower gel where I selected 'Atlas Mountain Rose'- it is GORGEOUS and is really good for individuals who suffer with irritable skin. So overall my Body Shop experience was A*. I only spent £5 and was treated like a VIP- so I shall definitely be using my loyalty card in the near future. Pop into you local store to fill out a registration form now!

Keep an eye out for my next post where I shall doing a review on a range of face-masks (including the ones given to me by the Body Shop).

Eltoria x

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