Thursday, 30 October 2014

Balancing Blogging, Work, & Life

If you knew me personally you would know that I love to keep busy. Not too sure why, but if I'm not busy or doing something I get bored incredibly easily. Even if I sit down to have a 'duvet day' I still will be working away on my laptop. I even find it hard to sit and watch a film, my mind will always be diverted to something else. It's painful to reminisce on the amount of good films that have been wasted on me (currently refraining from inserting an emoji with a gun to its head). It's such a shame but I'm such a wriggle bum!

 If you are a blogger with a full time job or education, you will know that running a blog is incredibly hard and time consuming. I know that I'm repeating myself a little here, so apologies for the slight dose of Eltoria history. But my goodness, it's so true. Many people will start a blog thinking that writing a post will take minutes and that views will come instantly. This thought is far from the truth. The time that I spend on my blog is daily. Every morning I will wake up, get ready for work, check my emails, and then plug my blog through my social media channels. I'm not that sort of person who will stay in bed for an extra 10-20 minutes or hit the snooze button (I know call me crazy!). At the moment I am fortunate enough to be able to come home at lunch time so I usually plug my blog then, and the same again in the evening. I tend to get home from work, go to the gym, and then chill to music whilst writing posts/taking pictures/filming videos/ or write for someone else. I am usually exhausted by the weekend but it is here where I see friends and family; no rest for the wicked eh!

YouTube has been another part of my life which I have been enjoying recently.But finding the time to film and edit videos can be challenging. It is here where scheduling becomes incredibly important. I like to plan my blog and videos at least 1-2 weeks ahead of myself, that way I am able to manage my time appropriately around work, my social life, and the gym. Originally I was doing two videos a week, but this got a little challenging so I had to taper down to one a week. I usually like to film on a Saturday and then post a video within the week (usually a Wednesday). But then again, filming in the week is not uncommon. But never feel too organised to schedule, it has in fact helped me a lot.

Another aspect which takes time is responding to emails, comments, Tweets, and PR companies. As your blog grows you will get more attention from companies and readers so taking the time to reply is incredibly important to me. Although there's a lot of upkeep in keeping Eltoria alive, it doesn't at all feel like work or a chore; I find it extremely enjoyable and therapeutic (to which a lot of bloggers and vloggers would vouch to). I have met so many friends throughout my journey where I now do a lot of activities like go to the gym and boot camp with BekyLou! There's more to blogging that just hiding behind a computer (smiley face).

How do you balance your blogging life? Do any of you struggle?
Much Love
Eltoria x

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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Rose & Rose

I am just taking this moment to appreciate my new Rose & Rose scarf; it is made out of 100% wool and its length is to die for. Eltoria is one happy fashionista right now. With the Autumn air well and truly plummeting to an all time crisp, having a luxurious scarf like this is an ultimate 'fblogger's fave'. Goodbye Summer flip flops hello cosy scarf!

HOWEVER I NEED YOU! Rose & Rose are having a scarf style off and I need each and every one of you to head over to their Facebook page (click here to be taken there directly) to like my photo. If I win, one of my 'likers' will win a Rose & Rose scarf which is worth between £80.00-£100.00! I will forever be in your scarf debt! No seriously I will.

Anyway tell me, what kind of scarf will you be wearing this Autumn?
Much Love 
Eltoria x

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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Sorbet Body Lotions

Sorbet!? Yes you did hear correctly. As you can imagine I was extremely excited to receive these, as after all, who wouldn't want to smell like a fresh sorbet? (I just got a watery mouth). Roger & Gallet offers a natural touch of emotion and luxury into everyday by using the refinement of natural ingredients. Now you all know that I am a major sucker for natural ingredients; after working in LUSH Cosmetics for 3 years and learning the benefits of natural ingredients, I always appreciate a good, fresh, and ethical product. The two lotions I got sent are called Bois D'Orange and Gingerombre. Now originally, the thought of putting something that had a similar smell to ginger would be enough to send shivers down my spine. Let's just say, I had a bad experience with stuffing a few years ago which put me off ginger for life. I know crazy. However Gingerombre isn't just purely ginger; it has subtle wood tones entwined with a fresh edge. It was an absolute delight on my skin; it was non greasy providing enough moisture on my skin to last throughout the day. I actually loved the smell, more so than Bois D' Orange, it was something just so unique compared to other brands on the market at the moment. I would consider it to be an Autumn delight with a hidden warming spice. Talk about being seasonal.

Bois D'Orange didn't smell as zingy and fresh as I thought it would; instead a twang of spiced bitterness echoed throughout the product. What is particularly amazing about this lotion is its ingredients- mandarin oil, amber, orange blossom, neroli oil, and a woody depth of palissander. These ingredients are toning and highly moisturising on the skin making it perfect for someone having problems with dry skin. At first, I wasn't too crazy on the scent, I think that this was due to it being too musky for my liking (because I like orange products to smell zingy rather than musky). However once the scent developed on my skin, it smelt amazing and the more and more I use this product the more I like it. It was also incredibly hydrating on my skin. I think that this product would be ideal for those who love the orange scent but don't like their products smelling too sweet. Click here to buy these amazing sorbet lotions.

What would be your perfect smelling sorbet lotion?
Much Love
Eltoria x

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Autumn|Fall Look Book

With it officially being Autumn the only way forward was a new wardrobe. I love how cold, crisp, and fresh the air becomes in October, so a number of new coats were on my shopping list. I tend to support the Autumn colours this time of year; burgundy happens to be one of my favourite colours so finding clothes in this attire didn't seem to be a problem. New clothes are always great this time of year but never be afraid to re-wear your Summer ones too! As you will tell in my look book below, I have re-lived my lime green Boohoo dress (which I need to emphasise my love for). You can always tone down your Summer wear with cardigans, scarves, coats, and even footwear. Check out my look book below, it's only 1:36 long but it shows a number of my Autumn favourite outfits!

Which outfit do you like? What's your Autumn colour this year?
Much Love
Eltoria x

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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Halloween Doll Makeup

Ok, I think that I am a teeny weeny a bit excited for Halloween this year and who can blame me? I have two parties to attend to! If some of you have been following my blog or Instagram recently you will know that I have been recreating some Halloween looks for you all, namely: The Black Swan, a Pumpkin, and a half faced Skeleton! But fear not, the Halloween bug has not stopped there. For a more feminine look, I decided to create a Spooky Doll as I appreciate that some people do not like putting a whole face of face paint on. You can create this look by simply using items out of your own make up bag! Whilst using products from elf cosmetics, I was able to create this doll look in an extremely affordable way. Check out my 4 easy steps below; you'll soon be looking like a spooky Halloween doll in no time!

1: Base your face in a lighter foundation for a more effective look.
2: I applied white eye-shadow/face-paint under my eyes (in almost a half moon shape). I then used the Cream Eye Liner by elf (in black) to define the white edge and to create lashes. Then using any colour you want (I used two tones of purple) apply the eye shadow bringing the colour up towards your eyebrows. To add definition, use a darker tone (of the colour you have selected) to define your crease and outer eye. Apply white eye shadow/face paint under your eyebrow arch for a more dramatic look. Fill in your eyebrows with a darker colour (also make them a little thicker).
3. Again, with the Cream Eye Liner by elf, I drew a line on either side of my mouth towards the edge of my jaw line. I then 'crossed' and 'dashed' downwards to create more of a haunted look. Using Tanya Burr's lip gloss in Vampires Kiss, define your cupids bow and bring the lip stick/ lip gloss down slightly beyond your lips to make them look a little more thicker and vertical. Do not fill in the edge of your lips; you want to make them a little 'pouty'. Do use lip liner for more of a effective look.
4. Add some blusher to your cheeks (in a circular shape) and pop your hair up into bunches!

Will you be a spooky doll this Halloween?
Much Love
Eltoria x

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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Amazing Beauty Products

This gorgeous hair treatment my Lani sure does smell tropical! With lashes of coconut, kakui nut, macadamia nut, and camellia, this product is highly infused with hydrating properties. This product is more like an oil, so it is easy to apply from the root to the ends of the hair (mind you I did get a little messy whilst applying it). I applied this product onto dry hair and left it for 30 minutes. Depending on the thickness of your hair, I only needed a little bit as too much will leave you hair feeling a little greasy even after shampooing and conditioning (I accidently did this the first time I used it... oops!). Like Lani promises, my hair was left looking and feeling:

- Moisturised 
- Added plenty of shine and lustre  
- Tamed my frizzy and static hair
- Reduced the visibility of damage
- Easier to style and straighten

I would say that this product scored 100% at points 2 and 5 above. My hair was so much easier to style and straighten and my hair became less static. You wouldn't have to use hair styling serums after using this product because it does the job for you! You can pick up this product up for £10.99 on the Lani website.

Oh my golly gosh, who knew that lavender and vanilla would smell so good together! If I am honest with you, I thought that such combination would be like having a sausage with ice cream, but just like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, it smelt so damn fine. Kaeng Raeng Detoxfoliant is company who sell all natural body scrubs which aids the skin to feel 'ooh la la'. What I like about about this product is that it is cruelty free; the company believes that 'what goes on your body goes in your body' so keeping the products chemical free is one of the company's way in achieving this. 

As you can see in the images above, there is a huge difference in texture in each one. My hand on the left is rather dry compared to the one on the right. This scrub contains dead sea salt and organic virgin shea butter which helps to exfoliate and replenish the skin (and as you can see in the image in the middle it is rather hydrating). After using this product, my skin overall felt ever so soft and smooth. You can pick up a 10oz pot for $36.00 on their website.

This product is my star hair product of the week (especially for fine hair). Some people really struggle with hair thickness as some are more prone to lose their hair than others which can really affect self esteem. If you have finer hair and are looking for added thickness then look no further. Gofybr instantly builds your hair with natural karatin protein fibres which makes your hair appear fuller in seconds. All you do is gently pat the fibres onto any part of your hair making sure that the whole area is covered. 

As you can see in the images above, the results are dramatic. Unfortunately, this method is only a temporary and will not help to re-grow hair. But for a nifty temporary solution, this product is your gal! A 25g pot will last you 60 days and will cost you £23.95 (currently discounted down from £34.99!). This product is perfect for both boys and girls so give it a go!

Which one is your favourite product?
Much Love
Eltoria x

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Saturday, 18 October 2014

The Library of Fragrance

If there's one thing that I know about The Library Of Fragrance is that they have really done their research. In the last few months, I have been participating in a number of surveys and questionnaires which targeted towards making the perfect perfume. What I love about this company is their uniqueness, although at first I was a little sceptical on the initial idea. Nowadays, purchasing commercialised perfumes seems to be the norm, but if anything, it doesn't necessarily make your perfume personal to you. My scepticism initially came from the idea of wearing a perfume that smelt like everyday things, for example: caramel, champagne, and even strawberry ice cream! It just didn't seem right to me. However I chose to try Cherry Blossom and I absolutely loved it! If anything, it has made me want to try more of the range. I feel a sense of excitement and curiosity when I look on their website, they have every possible scent going even baby powder, fresh linen, pizza, a fire place, fresh hay, gin and tonic, clean skin (whatever that is meant to smell like). There really is a library for fragrances. Here are some that are on my wishlist:

Who doesn't like the smell of Play-Doh? (refraining from doing a sticky out tongue face). Even if none of these suit you, there is an option on the website to make your own! Sometimes I like to use my Cherry Blossom as a room fragrance too; there's so much more to them than wearing them just as a perfume. You can pick up a bottle for just £15.00! I must say this with absolute honesty, this product is currently my most pleasantly surprised product that I have ever tried.

Which fragrance would you go for?
Much Love
Eltoria x

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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

£250 16 Piece Beauty Prize Give Away

Aloha my little lovelies, it's time for another prize give away! I'm not totally sure what this give away is in aid of, but I have recently celebrated my blog's 1st birthday, as well as, reaching well over 100,000 blog views. Crazy. But as some of you guys know, I really like doing these give aways because it's my way to treat you all after the love and support I get. So bottom line, it's a big fat massive thank you! So here's what you can win (it's rather impressive).

MAC Lipstick
Real Techniques Blush Brush
Baby B Browne Fake Tan
Skin Breeze Blemish Fix Face Serum
Skin Breeze Hydro Mask
Skin Chemist Been Venom Repair & Protect (worth £80.00!)
The Bathory 'Make Your Own Bath Product' Code
x1 John Frieda Shampoo
x1 John Frieda Conditioner 
x2 Montagne Jeunesse Face Mask
x2 VO5 Hair Hot Oil Treatment
The Body Shop Mango Body Lotion 
The Body Shop Strawberry Lip Balm
MUA Eye Shadow Palette

There are three mandatory requirements that you must comply with in order to be able to win this prize. If you have not fulfilled at least one of these requirements, you will not be entered into the competition. You must either 1: Subscribe to Eltoria on YouTube, 2: Join the Eltoria network on Google Friend Connect, (can be found on the right hand side bar, under the tab 'followers', click on 'join this site'), 3: Tweet about the competition on Twitter. But please note, subscribing to my YouTube channel will earn you extra points. However if you do fulfil all three requirements then this will give to extra accreditation. If you have already subscribed to my YouTube channel and joined the Eltoria network on Google Friend Connect, please drop a comment below so that know. If you do not have Twitter, simply write a Facebook status and tag Eltoria Secrets so that I know that you have done it. Please enter through the Rafflecopter below so I know who you are.

Please do read the Terms and Conditions which can be found on the Rafflecopter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Best of luck!
Much Love
Eltoria x


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Monday, 13 October 2014

The Black Swan| Elf Makeup

With Halloween just around the corner, I seriously needed to practice my Black Swan look. In collaboration with elf Cosmetics, I would say that elf makeup is a serious winner over face paint when it comes to creating this look. Not only does elf make up have many more uses than face paint in every day life, but it is also much more affordable. Have you seen the price of a good face paint these days? The Cream Eye Liner was an absolute dream to work with, it applied ever so easily on my face without smudging. Unlike face paint, the pigment was ever so dark so I didn't have to go back over it for a second time. I also loved the colour and collaboration of the Lip Stain and the Mineral Lipstick in Rich Raspberry. Not only will I wear it on Halloween but I will be wearing it as a everyday lipstick too (it's such a gorgeous berry colour!). The 100 Piece Eye Shadow Palette is also a beauty blogger's dream- the range of colours are absolutely amazing. From bright warm autumn colours to sultry smokey colours, you will be able to create any look with this palette. Check out below my four steps as to how you can create the Black Swan look using elf makeup:

Step 1: Use a white face paint to apply a white foundation base.
Step 2: Using the Cream Eye Liner on my Real Techniques Accent brush and Fine Liner brush, I created a thick black line under my eye and then drew upwards using my eyebrows as a guidance. I then flicked out to create the edge of the wing, and then brought it back down towards the end of my water line. I then created the 'feathers' by creating random half circles in the centre area. I left it to dry for a good few minutes before applying silver/grey eye shadow from the 100 Piece Eye Shadow Palette to create a smokier effect. As an added bonus, I drew black (almost claw like) lines from my tear duct down. I thought that this made my eyes a little more Halloween like.
Step 3: Using the Lip Stain, I lined my lips before applying the lipstick. This almost looks quite 'ombre', so leaving it like this would be fine if you like it lighter.
Step 4: To finish, apply the Mineral Lipstick in colour Rich Raspberry to create a darker effect. Then using a dark eye shadow from the 100 Piece Eye Shadow Palette (I used a dark grey), contour in your cheek bones (smudging it in with your finger tips) to add definition.

Don't worry I'll show you my complete outfit after Halloween! You can also check out my other Halloween looks by clicking here.

Will you be going out as the Black Swan this Halloween?
Much Love
Eltoria x

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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Younique Mascara

I bet you've never seen mascara as posh as this before? Younique is a US based cosmetics company who offer a galore of gorgeous products. What makes this company ever so different from the rest is their PR and blogger friendly ethos. Now everyone pretty much knows that the blogging world has very close relations to social media and the digital world. They're almost like a brother and sister to one another and it is this very point what makes 'Younique' unique. With products being made to tailor to the ultimate beauty guru, these products are not sharaded by commercialism in any way. Which to some degree is kind of nice. So on receipt of my very snazzy mascara I was too excited to try it! I think my pictures below really do show how lovely this product really is (well they do say that pictures speak a thousand words!).

As you can see, the mascara and fibres are not clumpy at all
As you can see in the image above, this mascara sure does make a difference! Moodstruck 3D fibre lashes are Younique's best selling product as it aids in magnifying and defining lashes. Their simple three-step process combines Transplanting Gel and Natural Fibres to help create the appearance of incredible thickness and volume to existing lashes. I personally followed their guidance of the following:
  1. Apply a coat of ordinary mascara and let it dry.
  2. Apply Moodstruck Transplanting Gel to your lashes.
  3. Immediately (whilst the mascara is still wet) apply the Natural Fibres.
  4. Reapply the Transplanting Gel to secure the fibres.

The results were incredible and I could really see a difference! The product also made my eyes seem brighter and wider which was definitely an added bonus. I reckon this product is perfect for anyone who doesn't want to get artificial lashes but who wants to gain that magnifying look. You can buy this product for $29.00 which will last you up to 3 months! (Click here).

What do you make of this mascara?
Much Love
Eltoria x

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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Halloween Makeup Tutorial

 Happy premature Halloween everyone! So with Halloween parties just around the corner, today I have something ultra exciting for you all. In collaboration with Fantasy Faces Bath (as in the city Bath), we have come up with some simple, yet very spooky, Halloween makeup for you all to try. If you are someone like me who finds incredibly hard to create things from instruction, Hannah (from Fantasy Faces) and I created a YouTube makeup tutorial to make things a little more easier (you can check that out by clicking here or by watching the video at the end of this post). I would say that my favourite design was the pumpkin- it looked amazing in real life. Hannah is ever so talented so be sure to check out her portfolio on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or alternatively her website. So here are Hannah's tips as to how you can create each of these spooky looks:

 The Black Swan
This is a relatively simple design that anyone can attempt! I used Diamond FX white to produce a strong white base. I then outlined the inside eye and brow socket with Snazaroo black using a number 2 Loew-Cornell brush. I then outlined the under eye in the same way and started to build up to the eye brow with feather-like shapes. Once completed I shaded the feathers with Snazaroo black and a dry brush and added shading to the inner eye. The look was completed by using an ombre lip technique with Snazaroo bright red, Snazaroo sparkle red and Snazaroo black.

Halloween Pumpkin
So I started this look by using my Paradise Prisma split cake in Fleur. I love this split cake so much as it has two halves that allows you to create amazing flowers, particularly roses and amazing leaves. I apploed it with a well loaded 3/4 inch Boldmere brush using the darker green on the outside and rotating the brush to make the two sides of the leaves. I repeated this to create the leaves. I then used a sponge a sponge and Snazaroo orange to cover the rest of the face. Using the edge of a sponge and Snazaroo rush brown, I created the shaded contours of the pumpkin. I then added Snazaroo pale yellow to highlight the pumpkin segments. Using a number 6 Blodmere brush I outlined the eye sockets and filled them in with Snazaroo black. I did the same to create the nose shape and also the mouth outline. I then used Diamond FX white to add teeth and create the cheeky pumpkin smirk. I then finished off the mouth and eyes with Snazaroo black with a number 1 Snazaroo brush to give them a jagged 'cut out' effect. I added black contours to the leaves in the same way as well as some swirly.

The Dead Beauty Blogger (Skeleton)
So for this look I started off with a base of Diamond FX white applied with a sponge. This product gives great coverage and is the best face paint I have found for producing a reliable crisp white, even over darker colours. It also has a lovely, glossy creamy consistency. I then used Snazaroo black to outline the eye sockets, jaw cavity and shading around the teeth using a number 6 Boldmere brush. The same Snazaroo black was applied with a sponge to produce the shading of the scull and then Diamond FX white was use to highlight the eye socket (using my finger to blend) and to highlight the teeth and eye sockets with a number 4 ROYAL brush.

So what will you be dressing as for Halloween?
Much Love
Eltoria x

Eltoria- South West Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger and South West YouTuber
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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The Things That Girls With Sisters Can Understand

Ok the things that I know about sisterhood is rather a lot. No only do I have a sister but I have a twin sister and such bond is incredibly strong. I think that only twins can really understand that relationship as the feeling of 'wholeness' is never complete without them (I know it sounds mad) but it is completely true. Often my sister and I finish one another's sentence, say the same thing at the same time, and feel aches and pains in the same place (ultra creepy). So this post is really to reflect on the power of sisterhood and how such relationship is really special. Please let me know in the comments if you relate to any or can think of any more! So without further delay, here are my 15 vital points of sisterhood:

Your closet doubles

That silver and black patterned blouse?... nope don't have it

Once you start laughing... there's no stopping

You often get called by your sister's name by your parents

She is the only person who will truly tell you what you look like

You have both learnt and practiced the Parent Trap hand shake

.... and at some point thought it was cool to do the crossed fingers too

You don't minding beating one another up in contact sport

When you fight... you fight bad

You know what your sister is thinking in just one look

(More for twins) you are permanent room buddies... even if you're on a school trip you still want to share a room

If anyone touches or hurts your sister...

Weirdos? No that's just us

Sitting back to back at Christmas time

Best cuddle, sleeping, and  movie buddy

All images sourced from Google
Can any of you sisters relate out there?
Much Love
Eltoria x


Thursday, 2 October 2014

MAC Skin Finish

A velvet soft powder with a high-frost metallic finish- if that doesn't pull on your heart strings this Friday morning then I am not sure what will. Mineralize Skin Finish by MAC is a perfect product to buff up your cheek bones, arch them eyebrows, and polish up your skin. Versatile is this product's middle name. Now, at first some people may feel that this product is slightly... glittery? But I can ensure you that this is not the case. This product contains mineral particles which help to illuminate and touch up any areas that need to be enhanced or airbrushed. I bought this powder in 'Soft and Gentle' and I absolutely love it. I usually like to use this product after contouring as I like to redefine certain areas, for example, cheek bones and eyebrows. However I have recently been using it to add a skin finish polish to my skin and I can really see a difference. Sometimes I like to add more on a night out but even the slightest touch will help to heighten definition. You can pick this up from MAC for £23.00 (and usually these pots last me a good year!).

As you can see in the image above right, the product is ever so pigmented which adds a gorgeous touch to the skin. 
What do you make of this ultra defining product?
Much Love
Eltoria x


Wednesday, 1 October 2014

MAC Lipsticks

 Now I think that you would all agree that MAC is pretty much the holy grail of all make up. We all like to have a couple of items from MAC in our make up bags and if you are like me, I also consider them to be an absolute luxury! What I particularly like about MAC is their everlasting lipsticks. They are heavy duty like a permanent marker and they are bright and bold like a bunch of highlighters. Or in non metaphorical terms, they are beautifully pigmented and coloured. The only problem that I have with MAC lip sticks is their moisture; some can be quite drying on the lip (but not all). Since exploring other brands, like Bare Minerals, I have found that other brands are so much more hydrating. Which is ideal for this time of year as my lips begin to become more sore and chappy. However since celebrating my 22nd birthday, I kindly received a number of MAC lipsticks. The two below are my current favourites so if I haven't had you at hello, do give my review below a read. You'll change your mind about MAC lipsticks!

Morning Rose- a perfect morning cremesheen lipstick for the typical English Rose. This lipstick is ever so subtle yet so gorgeous! I wouldn't say that this lipstick was wholly a 'nude' lipstick because it does add a slight pop of colour to your face (well if your slightly pale like me it does). It is slightly more hydrating than the other MAC lipsticks which makes a perfect work/school/collage lippy.

So Chaud- a bold and beautiful matte lipstick which will make your heart melt. I wouldn't strictly say that this lip stick was wholly red (because it has tones of orange in it) but it is absolutely to die for. The only criticism I have on this lip stick is that it is slightly drying (unlike the one above).  With Autumn well into swing, this lip stick is sure on trend!

To show you all on how much I love lip sticks, I have also done a YouTube video comparing MAC lipsticks to other brands. This way I can show you all of my favourite brands, as well as, introduce you to a number of new Autumn colours to add to your collections.

Please also link, like, and subscribe.
What do you make of MAC lipsticks?
Much Love
Eltoria x

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