Wednesday, 29 January 2014

We all Love a Good Quote!

The third post I wrote on here was Inspirational Quotes and it still remains one of the most read posts. Wow, you guys must really like a good quote (as do I). So this week I thought that it would be a great idea to update my portfolio with a number of newbies. Some of you (like me) are coming to the end of their degrees, collage courses, A Levels, GCSE's so a slight 'kick at the backside' is in order. After all, who wants to be jogging at the sprint finish?

Collage of Favourite Quotes
Like I wrote in Inspirational Quotes, quotes (for me) pretty much sups a scenario or feeling. Even in my degree, I constantly ask 'what would that be in a nutshell'? Some of you may know that my favourite all time quote comes from an unknown author- 'your mind is a garden, you can grow flowers, or you can grow weeds.' The reason why I like it so much is because it reminds me of life. Holding back or even feeling unmotivated can metaphorically cause those 'weeds' to grow- only you can remove them. Passing exams, starting a career or even just thinking positively will allow you to flourish in many ways (despite how hard they may be). Growing a weed is much more easier than growing a flower, therefore the easy way may never reflect your actual potential.

What's your favourite? 

Much Love
Eltoria x



Sunday, 26 January 2014

Chocoholic Heaven- The Best Facemask on the Market

If I could change the lyrics to 'Best Song Ever' by One Direction to 'Best Facemask Ever'... I seriously would. The new Hot Chocolate facemask by Montagne Jeunesse is seriously, utterly, indefinitely supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Not only does this facemask smell like a Terry's Chocolate Orange but it is also self heating which makes the whole experience a hell of a lot better. This mask contains Mediterranean clay, orange oil and kaolin which are all deep cleansing and nourishing to the skin. I was in desperate need for clear skin so I used one packet for 4 uses in 1 week which miraculously made my skin spot free. Self heating masks are also good for blemishes, scaring and congested pores because they help to even out skin tone whilst sweating out any impurities. This packet of joy was only £1.00 from Boots! Which makes it my most valued beauty product out on the market at the moment. So grab yourselves one!

£1.00 from Boots

Looks just like chocolate sauce!

Perfect for a girly night!

Not quite to your taste? Check out my facemask haul by clicking here.

Will you be treating yourself to one?

Much Love
Eltoria x


Friday, 24 January 2014

Ted Baker- Makeup Bag Review

Happy Friday! How is everyone doing? Just a quick post today on my new make up bag (to which I've fallen slightly in love with!). This time I've opted to go for something a little more 'plush' so Ted Baker was always going to be a major contender. In the end I picked out this gorgeous floral patterned bag which feels ever so soft and silky for around £25.00. My only criticism is that the bag itself isn't big enough to put make up brushes in (I have to take out a few items in order to accommodate them) however, it is suitable size to pop into a handbag or used as a wash bag for travelling. So overall I was pretty chuffed with my new purchase! 

What makeup bag brand do you have? Which one do you think is the best?

Much Love 
Eltoria x



Friday, 17 January 2014

Make Me Up MUA!

So for one of my Crimbo presents I got two pallets of MUA eye-shadow, and boy, was I pleasantly surprised! I got the new Smokin and Heaven and Earth palettes, which are both perfect for day and night occasions. Smokin Palette comes with its own black eye liner and up to 10 shades which are mixed with matte neutrals and jewelled shades. Perfect for that smokin' night out! The Heaven and Earth pallet contains a range of 12 nude and natural shades which comes with its own applicator. It's brown and creamed tones will subtly bring out your eye colour whilst adding definition too. The pigments in both pallets were impressive, usually the pigmentation in most affordable eye-shadows lets me down. I am looking to get '12 Shades Dusk til Dawn' pallet next!

Overall make-up look (see below for numbering)
Colours used: Heaven and Earth shade 1 for base
Smokin Pallet: shades 5, 7 and 10 all blended together on the eye lid
Under eye: black eye pencil from Smokin pallet with shades 1, 5 and 10 blended together 

Left: Heaven and Earth Pallet £4.00
Right: Smokin Pallet £6.00

What shade shall you be wearing this weekend?

Much Love
Eltoria x


Thursday, 16 January 2014

Stress, Stress, STRESS

I am writing this post in relief having just handed in my assessed piece of Employment Law. Let's just say, I do not want to see another text book again, well, not until Monday at least. So with my first week back at University going so horribly wrong, I have endured the following: kidney infection, broken heater, doctor/hospital appointments, sleepless nights, rainfall, broken phone charger and generally feeling like utter crap. I'd say this week is up there with one of my worst. 

I currently feel like green and yellow one. Which one are you?

I am generally a person who hates being on my own, I guess being a twin has something to do with that. Since coming to university I still haven't been able to snap out it. I tend to get all panicky when I'm on my own or whilst feeling stressed or ill. Sometimes being in a club or in a crowded place without really close friends or my brother and sister can also make me feel uncomfortable. It's not like I hate socialising, I love it, but I guess I can't put a pin point on it. A lot of people out there feel exactly the same so I'm not alone. Nor are you if you feel the same way.

It's not that I am a quiet person, I am really far from that. In a lot situations I pretend that I am OK when I'm really not, it's not healthy and only growing up has made me realise it. When I was younger (around 9-12) I used to suffer from anxiety attacks, not big ones, but ones that made me feel out of breath, dry mouthed (if that's even a word) and dizzy. This all happened because I kept my emotions to myself and closed off everyone around because I said that 'I was fine'. Saying 'I'm fine' all the time can really take its toll and cause a lot of problems for you whether that being mentally or physically, you shouldn't become your own worst enemy. Becoming your own worst enemy will only bring out the worst in you. Take the time out for yourself and talk to someone, whether it being your parents or a close friend because I guarantee that it will make you feel 100% times better.

We all suffer from some sort of stress: money, relationships, school, work. Whilst a stress free life is almost not a guarantee, a healthy dose of it can really do wonders.But when the clouds are out and a storm is brewed, sometimes us humans really just have to relax and take a break. 

We all cant be a superhero at the end of the day.

Stress free Love
Eltoria x


Saturday, 11 January 2014

Knock Yourself into Shape with the 3 'Teas'

I am THE biggest tea drinker. EVER. Not only do I drink the classic 'Tetley' and 'PG Tips', I also have a soft spot for herbal teas. Herbal teas are a fantastic way maintain weight or even to shift a few founds. So with a nation known to have a healthy relationship with a kettle, popping in something more exotic other than 'Jonny Vegas and his monkey', you and your dietary needs are guaranteed to be well and truly catered for. So here are my main top three teas that I like to drink in order to keep a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Green Tea- AKA The Fat Burner

Green for 'GO'- Green tea is an excellent tea to boost your and burn at the gym. Its antioxidant effect helps the liver function more efficiently which consequently speeds up metabolism too. So instead of grabbing a soda or glass of fruit juice at breakfast, lunch and dinner, boil up the kettle and enjoy a mug of green tea. It is known that drinking green tea up to 3 times a day burns up to an extra 200 calories a day! 

Oolong Tea- The Fat Buster!

Oooo la la- Oolong tea what an underdog! This tea is also known as 'Wu Long tea' which is a popular Chinese tea. Oolong contains a higher concentration of polyphenols which helps aid weight loss. This tea tastes slightly sweet, so a perfect alternative to a chocolate bar. Oolong tea is quite difficult to get hold of in supermarkets, but it is available at Holland and Barrett and Whittards. 

Jasmine Tea- Oh you Classic

There's nothing better than having one tea that just makes you kick back, and relax. Jasmine tea tastes ever so gentle offering many benefits to our bodies. Not only does this tea lower blood pressure, cholesterol and heart rate but it also helps to reduce the risk of cancer. This tea is a perfect brew to have right before bed. 

Grab a 'cupper' in your very own kitchen.

So what tea will you be having today?

Much Love
Eltoria x

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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

My Favourite Trio- L'oréal Lipstick Review

Well it's a new year, so pucker up, let your hair loose, and why not spice up your make up bag with a splash colour. Bitten by the 'new year bug' and in need for a slight change in life, my new year resolution is to become more adventurous with colours. Yes, that's right, colours. So with glaring red boards with the sweet lettering of 'S' 'A' 'L' 'E', my new year resolution became in full swing. I picked up three lipsticks from L'oréal and have been using them for the last week and I can honestly say, they are well worth the purchase. For me, using a lipstick that immediately wipes away after drinking a cup of tea is a major 'bug bare', however using L'oréal deemed indestructible giving hours of coverage. Each lipstick also contains a combination of Omega-3 oils and Vitamin E which helps to protect your lips from drying. So perfect for the wintry months ahead.

Around £8.19 each from L'oréal

Colour Riche 290- Plum Passion

This colour is totally different from my norm. It's gorgeous plum colour almost brings out a deep purple which looks gorgeous on a night out.

Causse 301- Dating Coral

Life is just not complete without a coral lipstick... right? This colour I felt was a little more 'pinky' than other brands, which gave a perfect nude look without being other the top.

Colour Riche 376- Cassis Passion 

I actually don't think anyone will ever see me without this lipstick on in 2014... I'm actually in LOVE. As some of you will know, I pretty much wear red lipstick on a daily basis and I thought it was about time to change my shade of red into something more... sassy? It's slightly on the 'plummy' side of red rather than my normal 'orange'. Grab yourself one, because it's to die for!

Starting left: Plum Passion, Cassis Passion, Dating Coral

What colour will you be wearing this January?

Much Love
Eltoria x

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Wednesday, 1 January 2014


HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF MY TORIAS! I hope this year offers you prosperity and good health to you all! So let's all raise our glasses and bid a farewell to 2013. Here is a little poem that I have written for you all:

It's 2014! 
A new beginning,
A fresh start,
A time for forgiving in your heart,
Together and forever,
We will remember those who are not here,
So lets raise a toast,
To a prosperous New Year.

New Year Love
Eltoria xx

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