Wednesday, 30 July 2014

How to Go from Damaged to Healthy Hair

 Like so many things in life, beauty comes at a hefty price. In today’s modern world, women use a variety of hair products and styling tools to achieve their dream hairstyle. Hair dyes, perms, extensions, relaxers, curling irons and blow dryers… don’t they sound familiar? Your dream hairstyle can pave the way to damaging your hair. This is one concern that a lot of women face today. And yet, none are willing to give that up because it has become embedded into their hair care routine.

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This does not mean to say that you should give up your quest for having beautiful hair altogether; however, you need to be aware of how to restore your hair back into its tip-top shape once it has exhibited signs of damage.

Clarify Your Hair
The products you use on your hair can build up over time. Even the water you are using, which you think can aid in removing any product residue, can also contribute build up and mineral deposits. All of these factors combine in stripping away natural oils that provide a healthy sheen to your locks. To address this issue, a regular clarifying treatment is a must for your hair to be on its way to repair. The easiest route to getting there is to invest in a good quality clarifying shampoo.

You can also try a clarifying treatment made from baking soda. Add a couple of teaspoons of baking soda to your shampoo. Leave the mixture on your hair for at least two minutes. Another home made clarifying recipe you can try is with the use of apple cider vinegar. The mixture consists of one part vinegar and four parts of water. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spritz onto your hair. Leave the mixture on for about 2-5 minutes before rinsing with a light conditioner.

A word of warning when using clarifying treatment: adjust the frequency based on the amount of product you use on your hair regularly. Monthly or bi-weekly treatment should suffice for damaged hair.

Trim Off Damaged Ends
This is an obvious step if you want to restore damaged hair and make it healthy again. If you leave off the damaged ends, it could run up towards the root. A little healthy pruning is essential in maintaining the health of your hair and preventing the rest of the hair shaft from getting damaged too.

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If you are not confident about trimming your own hair, you can always go to a salon and have someone with expert hands to do it for you.

Treat It!
Treating damaged hair is vital in its repair process. There are two types of treatment recommend when trying to fix damaged hair: hot oil and deep conditioning treatment.
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The benefits of hot oil treatment are no secret. It consists of heating your favourite natural oil and then applying it to hair and scalp. Once you have applied the hot oil to the hair, cover your hair with a shower cap and leave it on for at least half an hour. When you are done, simply rinse hair with cool water.

For extremely damaged hair, a weekly deep conditioning treatment is recommended. But it is also beneficial even for non-damaged hair as it serves to prevent havoc and strengthens hair to fight breakage. You need to be picky when it comes to choosing what type of deep conditioner to use to suit your hair type.

One final tip: repairing damaged hair and restoring its old form won’t happen overnight. Hence, stick to your hair care routine. Developing healthy hair care as a habit is the only way to be on your way to recovering damaged hair and making it healthy again.

How do you go from damaged to healthy hair? If you have tips, we’d love to hear them!

About the Author
Abby is a writer and social media managed for My Hair Care. If you would like to find an additional resource on hair care and styling tips, drop by their blog at

Hope you enjoyed that guys!
Much Love,
Eltoria x

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A summer of colour with a pinch of sophistication and lavish thrown in- Esprit has become one of my favourite fashion cocktails to have this season. With up to date 'beachy' trends and a stock full of gorgeous LBD's, shopping at Esprit will enable you to dress up to date for any occasion and more. What I like about Esprit is its quirkiness, I have become to love brands that stir away from the traditional high street style because after all, who wants to look like everyone else? Whilst Esprit takes on best of both worlds, I personally enjoy finding pieces that I have not been able to find on the high street. Below I have collaborated a number of garments that I particularly like and you can be directed to their website by clicking on the images. Get shopping ladies because I think you'll like one... two... or even three pieces!

What I mainly love about these dresses is their versatility as I believe that each and every one of these dresses can be either dressed up or dressed down. I particularly like that the first three dresses are pastel colouring because adding a statement necklace or garment can tastefully be added. My favourite dress out of the bunch is the dress centre right (pastel blue with a tie). I believe that this dress is completely unique and reinforces my point that Esprit offers a quirky style that stirs away from the normal high street brand. I would wear this dress to the beach or for a casual lunch, it is utterly gorgeous!

What I hate more than anything about a blazer is when it looks like a tent when worn- blazers and jackets ought to be fitted and flattering not baggy and loose. These blazers are completely gorgeous! The style and shape in each of them are different and they fit each model like a glove. Not only are jackets perfect for work wear they are also great casually. Collaborate a great blazer/jacket with a pair of jeans and wedges and you'll soon be struttin' your stuff like Tyra Banks, so go and purchase one girl!

Some of you may already know that I currently have a slight obsession for rose gold and when I saw these watches at Esprit... my hand foraged around to find my debit card. I love that I was able to have a choice in style as some brands only offer one style in rose gold which is usually a 'hit or miss' situation. I think these are beautiful (even the silver one situated on the right!)

Oooh la la, sunglasses? Boy I'm happy. Personally I believe that Esprit are currently selling the most affordable (yet stylish) range sunglasses on the market. They are colourful, bright, big, small, round, square... you name it they've got it. It is well worth taking a nose.

Do you have favourite piece in mind? Let me know!
Much Love,
Eltoria x

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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Just Dreadful Makeup!

Ciao ladies and gents, how was everyone's weekend in the sunshine? This weekend I celebrated my boyfriend's 26th birthday where I surprised him with a party and a iPad Air.. top girlfriend right? Anyway, apologies for the late blog post notifying you with my recent YouTube video which are now being uploaded every Sunday and Wednesday (I unfortunately did not get back until late last night to upload this one!). I hope you enjoy this one as I collaborated with the lovely Beky from Beky Lou where I quite literally turned her into a oompa loompa... go check it out you'll know what I mean! (Click here to watch).

Much Love,
Eltoria x

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Lipsy Glasses

About a month ago I invested in a pair of Lispy glasses and I am in love. Originally I was going to go for a pair of Ray Bans, but once I tried them on they didn't look right. I guess Ray Bans are more suited as a pair of sunglasses on me rather than every day use. So shopping around for the perfect pair did get a little frustrating- I didn't want a thin frame and all of the larger frames looked a little ridiculous on me. So once I picked up the two Lipsy pairs below (to which I consider to be a medium sized) they looked perfect! The vision out of them isn't restricted by the frame and the price I paid for them both was an absolute bargain! I get my eyes tested at Tesco because the initial examination is completely free and I find the service thorough, quick, and friendly (which is weird for me to say as I used to have a phobia of the opticians!). Tesco have a buy one get one free offer, so I paid £90 for two pairs of Lipsy glasses! I chose a plain black frame and a tortoise shell (with beige sides) frame which allows me to change up my look. I highly recommend anyone to get a pair of Lipsy glasses- you definitely get your moneys worth!

Lipsy: Black Frame

Lipsy: Tortoise Shell Frame (with beige sides)

What do you think of them? Which one would you choose?
Much Love,
Eltoria x

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How To: Messy Bun

Happy Wednesday everyone! Hope everyone has been enjoying the recent sunshine in the UK (it’s been so hot here). Just a quick post today where I shall be showing you how to create your own messy bun look. As from this week, I shall be posting on my YouTube channel every Wednesday and Sunday where I shall be doing both collaborations and individual videos. If you would like to get direct notifications as to when I post these videos then please subscribe to my channel by clicking here. Please tweet or email me your messy bun looks- I love to hear from you all!

Will you be creating your own?
Much Love,
Eltoria x


Sunday, 20 July 2014

My Food Diet Diary

 Ok if you knew me very well you would know that I am not the worlds best cook. In fact, when I was at uni I survived on Special K, bananas, soup and salad- hardly spoilt for choice was I. Now that I've finished uni, I am now making it my mission to learn how to cook new foods and basically eat much more healthier. I know some of you may hate dieting and healthy food in general, but I can assure you now that it really isn't that hard! I didn't really put myself on a 'healthy eating' diet to lose weight, it was more for my own health and just to tone up the little wobbly bits. But the selection of my favourite foods below have been contributing factors to my spot free skin, buckets of energy, loss of fat, and hello to a toned (and 2 pac) stomach all in just 3 weeks! So I would say that my little diet has been a huge success. Other than eating clean, you must also exercise regularly and drink plenty of water, I will be doing a post in the future on my workout routine so stay tuned for that if you're interested.

Oh sweet strawberries this smoothie tasted delightful! Before this diet of mine, I hadn't been a hardcore smoothie drinker. But friends, I am now utterly hooked! This smoothie was ever so easy to make: frozen strawberries, blackberries and blueberries bought from the supermarket which were then blended with orange juice (in the blender of course). As I am now a huge smoothie drinker, I shall be doing a post on all of my favourite smoothies very soon so watch out for that!

Here we have a lovely piece of sirloin steak cooked medium rare (sorry vegetarians!). The steak is served with a Mexican cous cous (which contains chip peas and raisins) and a mixed leaf salad (with a little bit of low fat mayonnaise on top) *slapped wrists*. This dish is perfect for an evening meal because it is high in protein and ever so light.

This dish has to be my new obsession- not only is it the perfect breakfast but also for brunch or lunch! A poached egg served on top of a piece of toast smothered in mashed avocado. Now I do have a confession, bread is not the ideal base for this as it is not exactly good for you. However what I was planning on using was in fact toasted rye bread as it does to contain wheat which causes bloating. You will too fall in love with this dish!

If you follow me on Instagram, you would know that this has been my ultimate favourite snacking food! Plain rice cakes containing 29 calories topped with peanut butter and sliced banana. Another little confession, although peanut is fine what would be better for you is cashew nut butter which you can purchase in Holland and Barrett. Cashew nut butter is high in protein making it the ideal snacking food after a workout!

... or you can make a tower containing blueberries and blackberries too!

Who needs a Chinese takeaway on a Saturday night when you can just make your own better version? Rice cooked with egg and a hint of tomato also served up with diced chicken and an egg on top. Although this picture doesn't look that colourful and appealing, I can assure you now that this dish tasted as good as a Chinese (if not better and of course healthier).

Oh of course my university days of Special K has stuck around! For me, I have to rate Special K's mixed berry cereal topped with fresh fruit one of the best breakfasts that you can have. Not only does it fill you up nicely, I believe that this bowl of joy has been partly responsible for my fat loss. So if you have never tried Special K do so quickly because the stuff is just amazing.

Is it a meringue? Ice cream? caramel sauce?. Get those sweet things out of your head and start thinking healthy. This dish contains low fat Greek yoghurt drizzled in honey topped with strawberries, blackberries and blueberries. I do not particularly like Greek yoghurt but mashing up all the fruit and honey into the yoghurt, no joke, tastes like an Eton Mess! Am I just mad or does anyone else think the same? Anyway, this dish is perfect for breakfast or for a light snack.

Bye green tea hype, hello cranberry and raspberry tea! Cranberry is ever so good for you kidneys and bladder so be sure to keep those vital organs protected. Although green tea is perhaps one of the most favourable teas to buy whilst on a diet, don't forget about the other teas out there which are just as good and may even better for your body!

Whilst looking after your insides it is also very important to maintain the outside of your bodies too. I have recently written a blog post on 'How To Make Your Own Hair Mask' and 'How To Make Your Own Lipscrub' by using fresh ingredients in your kitchen. Click on the bold text if you would like to have a little read of them.

So there we have it guys, which dish will you be trying out next?
Much Love,
Eltoria x

Please note: dieting is body specific, so please contact your GP or nutritionist for further details. This is just some of the dishes that I have enjoyed whilst maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.



So all day yesterday I met up with the lovely Becky from Becky Lou blog where we spent pretty much the whole day filming challenge videos! Becky and I met through blogging to where we eventually discovered that we both actually lived in the same town- weird hey? From the very start (which was 10 months ago) we have been friends and our friendship is ever growing. It's so amazing how starting up this blog has opened up a lot of opportunities and new friendships which I couldn't be any more grateful. So starting up our YouTube channels at the same time, we decided to start filming together and have come up with these two gems. I know that these challenges are pretty old to the world of YouTube, but as newbies we wanted to give it a go. So please let me know any of your suggestions for future challenges, I would love to hear from you in the comments below! But enjoy the two videos- please like, subscribe and check out Becky's channel too.

Much Love
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Friday, 18 July 2014

My Graduation Outfit & Photos

A little different post for you all this Friday! Some of you may already know that I have recently just graduated from university- woo! And like all universities, I obviously went to my graduation ceremony where I received my certificate, threw my mortarboard in the air, and drank Pimms on the lawn. Sounds ever too sophisticated for me right? The dress I wore was a beautiful white waxed lace pencil dress from Lipsy which featured a black waistband and undercoat. The dress is from Lipsy's last years Summer collection and is unfortunately not available for sale. However like a true bargain hunter, I actually bought this dress on Ebay for £28.00! (RRP £100). I am currently aware that there are a few of these dresses being sold on Ebay each week for around £30-£50, so keep your eyes peeled if you fancy getting this dress. Otherwise, at the bottom of this post I have selected three dresses from Lipsy that are currently being sold that are similar. These dresses are perfect for any formal/smart occasion like a wedding or graduation (like I used mine for). Without further adieu, enjoy a number of my graduation snaps which were taken in my garden. Congratulations to anyone else who has just finished their degrees/exams! Let me know in the comments and tell me what you are planning on doing next. I love hearing from you all! 

Do you like the look of these dresses?
Much Love
Eltoria x


Wednesday, 16 July 2014

My Summer Boohoo Outfit

Howdy y'all! Hope everyone is having a fabrodoodle week! (I think I've just made a word up). Some of you  lovely readers have been contacting me asking me where I got this outfit from. So I thought that I would bung it all into a quick mid week post just in case some of you wanted to rock it this weekend! My word behind the inspiration of this dress was brave- I wanted to experiment more with colours and just to be confident with it. The belt (I am afraid) is only being sold in black and brown in New Look at the moment, but I was able to find a similar one for just £1.00! In total this whole outfit will only cost you £25.00! So splash yourself with some lime green this weekend ladies! You will look shamazing!

Dress: Scarlett Role Back Ponte Shift Dress Boohoo £12.00
Belt: Burgundy Skinny Bow Stretch Belt: New Look now £1.00
Bag: Burgundy Leather Look Zip Trim Tote Bag: New Look now £12.00 or other colours available by clicking here
Will you be rocking this outfit (or similar)?
Much Love
Eltoria x


Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The 8 Types of Flirty Men

We've all been this kind of situation (or similar)- you're stood with your friends at a bar and a group of guys (or just one confident chap) comes over. He tells you how amazing you look and goes on telling you about himself. 90% of the time I can guarantee you that this charming young chap is probably flirting with you. Some guys are just characteristically flirty and may not mean anything by it, but some of the time they are pulling out all the stops to get you interested. As we are all human, and therefore all unique from one another, there isn't just one type of flirting for men- there are in fact many. I have therefore collaborated below the 8 common types of flirty men- so sit back and enjoy reminiscing the ones that you have come across (I hope it's not too cringe for you!).

1. The Hysterical Kind
The Hysterical Kind is my favourite type of flirt. Usually they won't always be flirting with you to grab your attention but nevertheless they'll make jokes, do impressions, throw in funny puns all to make you smile and happy. Usually these types of guys are not happy until they make you smile, so have fun and enjoy the flirt!

2. Compliments, Compliments, Compliments!
'You have beautiful eyes... you look gorgeous'- ok we all like a compliment now and again but too many can make us feel that they are insincere. Compliments are good, but not at every little trivial thing we say or do!

3. The 'No Messing' Guy
These types of guys are the sort that will ask for you phone number and then tell you a time and place where he is going to pick you up. Or if you turn him down the first time, he'll keep on asking you until you say yes. Some may view this as romantic whereas some would say that it is annoying (I vote annoying).

4. The Shy One
The guy you don't usually know where you stand with him. Sometimes this guy will do little things to grab or attention or do nothing at all. He likes you but you may make him a little nervous so bare with him.

5. Cringy and Over Confident
Sometimes guys come across as too confident which makes them look a little cocky and arrogant. Sometimes these types of guys like to turn any situation into a sexual one, which can be incredibly 'cringy' and inappropriate. Take it as banter otherwise, get out of there quick.

6. The Mean Man
There's always one who likes to tease you in order to grab your attention, but usually the mean things he says isn't entirely true so don't get too worked up over it. He's trying to hide the fact that he actually likes you!

7. The Charming One
This type of guy is very good with his words. You're not sure why you like him, but he's just so interesting to listen too. Usually these guys make you feel good about yourself and leave you wanting to know more about him. He's like a addictive drug, you can't get enough of his charming nature.

8. The Complete and Utter Douche bag
A combination between 'Cringy and Over Confident' and 'The Mean Man'- this guy really isn't playing his game correctly. These types of guys are usually looking for approval from their friends or are using you to make another girl jealous. Yeah, take the high road mate!

Who have you experienced ladies/gents?
Much Love
Eltoria x

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Monday, 14 July 2014


No to worry, they're not really injections! The new skin care range from Skinbreeze pops personality and innovation which takes 2014 skin care to a whole new level. Not only am I impressed by the products themselves, but their injection looking packaging is a metaphorical way to tell us ladies that you don't need to undergo injection treatment to make your skin look good! Skinbreeze Orbital Microdermabrasion is a professional salon based treatment system which incorporates a unique skin resurfacing technology that brings about the greatest advancement in crystal free microdermabrasion treatments in over a decade. As you all know, I unfortunately suffer from slightly oily/combination skin which sometimes leaves my skin blemished and marked. What I therefore like about Skinbreeze is that they have been able to test their products on all types of skin (from all different ages) and have come up with a fabulous range which actually works (emphasis majorly added). So I was extremely lucky to receive these three products in the posts; Blemish Fix, Brightening Serum and the Hydro Mask. Here is what I thought of them!
Left: Brightening Serum Right: Blemish Fix
The title above? I am deadly serious. I have tried most things for my slightly blemish and congested skin- but nothing has ever banished it completely. After using this product for just three days I saw results immediately. I had a slight patch of congested pores and blemished skin on my inner right cheek which has now completely gone! The formula contains salicylic acid, a beta hydroxy acid that gently removes surface skin cells, preventing oil from becoming trapped in the pores. It also contains seaweed which helps to nourish and provide hydration to the skin barrier. This product doesn't smell or feel medical in the slightest bit- the serum is light and fragrance free making it also suitable to those of you who have sensitive skin. This product is perfect for anyone who has breakout prone skin or congested pores, so give it a go!

Skinbreeze Brightening Serum lightens and brightens skin tone and helps to reduce the formation of unwanted pigmentation and brown spots. Brightening your skin tone doesn't just happen over night, it took almost 10 days to see results in my skin. This product contains a number of natural acids and extracts which furthers growth within the skin which also blocks melanin synthesis to reduce the formation of unwanted pigmentation. As a old user of foundation, my skin was left tarnished with slight pigmentation which had admittedly reduced after I had stopped using it. However 4 years have now passed and I still have slight markings on my skin which I have to cover with concealer or mineral powder. After applying the Brightening Serum for 10 days, I have seen huge improvements where the pigmentation in the skin is now very faint! 

Ladies and gentleman- you all know how much I love a good facemask! This little beauty is the antidote to all things dry, itchy, irritable and sore. The Hydro Mask also contains powerful antioxidant ingredients which also helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. After leaving on the Hydro Mask for 20 minutes my skin felt hydrated, soothed and less tight. This mask is perfect to anyone who has dry/sensitive skin, or for anyone who just wants to brighten up their skin with a little moisture!
Available for purchase at:
 So there we have it guys, do you like the sound of any?
Much Love
Eltoria x

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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Common Lies Women Tell Men

Tut, tut. We should never lie but I feel that us ladies sometimes like to share a white one now and again.  If anything, they're meaningless and flippant with a slight 'hidden agenda' to them. For me, I would use a little white lie to avoid an argument or heated discussion which would anyway end up in an argument. But sometimes lies vary in importance depending on the situation, so be careful ladies! Now some gents may be reading this wondering what these lies are. So to sort you all out I have listed below the common lies! Let me know in the comments below if you agree/disagree or feel that I have missed out a vital few!

Source: Google
1. I Was Wrong/ You're Right
Nope. Guys you are always going to be wrong and us ladies will always be right. That's all to be said really. The best marriages are usually awarded to the guys who just answer with 'yes dear'... so bookmark it.

2. I'm Not Jealous
Ok in this situation we usually are. We hate the fact that some girls have bigger boobs or skinnier waists than us. Us women can be pathetically insecure in these situations because we fail to remember the positives in us. So bare with us.

3. 'I'm Fine' Or The 'I Don't Know'
*Haha* the most common phrase ever said in the Women's Bible. No we're not fine. In fact, we are incredibly pissed off. So whatever you did or said, reverse it pretty quickly. 

4. I'm Almost Ready...
Yeah in fact this is our 'code red warning' that we are panicking because we are no where near ready. Usually I like to say this when I can't find my shoes or haven't finished my hair yet. So take a pew because you are going nowhere yet mate. 

5. The Hesitant 'She's Nice...'
We in fact hate her.

6. I'm Not Mad
We are actually fuming inside! Sometimes the reluctant 'I'm not mad' and the soon after 'silent treatment' is our own alternative for water torture. Just ride it out.

7. I Was Only Kidding
No, I was bloody serious. Men often get touchy, so this is a phrase us ladies like to use in order to avoid an argument. But the bottom line is that we mean it.

8. I Got It In The Sale
It cost a blimmin' fortune. Men hate it when we buy a top or a dress that looks almost identical to the one we have in our wardrobe... but what can I say, it's a different shade of blue and I need it?

9. Money Isn't Important
Ok I wouldn't want to date a guy who was sponging off his mother or myself. We like a guy who can look after himself, so it's a complete and utter lie when we say 'money isn't important.' 

10. The Unsure 'I Love It...' Or 'That Was Delicious'
Ok we appreciate the effort, but boy, didn't that casserole taste disgusting. Or when you buy us a top that is 3 sizes too big (yes this once happened to someone I know)... do more research!

11. I Think We Should Share The Bill
Oh come on, us ladies love to be treated once in a while. Having that gentleman attitude and manner will take you a long way (trust me!).

So there we have it, do you agree or disagree? Am I missing a few?
Much Love
Eltoria x


Thursday, 10 July 2014

How To Make Your Own Hair Mask

Ditch the sea salt spray after your summer holiday, it's now time to spark some life into your dry and damaged locks. We all do it, every year we want to look like 'beach babes' with crispy waves and summer kissed hair, but such endeavours are ever so damaging. Now, we all know that many supermarkets/stores sell deep conditioning treatments for the hair; Garnier, L'Oreal, Aussie Hair- they all do it. However, have you ever thought about creating your own? Many of you would respond with a yes but stress that the reason why you haven't done it before is because you do not know how to. But don't worry I have this covered. Many brands use safe synthetics rather than fresh and natural ingredients- purely because it is cost affective and makes the product last for longer. But using the freshest and most natural ingredients will incredibly enhance the condition of you hair. And surprisingly, these ingredients can be found in your kitchen! Before I go into the 'ins' and 'outs', these hair masks will be more affective when you use them in the shower after you shampoo as the heat of your shower will open the hair follicles which will allow penetration into the hair shaft. Once applied I would then advise to use a hair cap, wait between 5-20 minutes,  then rinse with clean warm water and finish with a conditioner.

It is recommended to do a hair mask at least 2/3 times a week  

Hair Mask 1: The Banana Hair Mask 
x1 Ripe Banana
x1 tsp of Honey 
x1/2 tsp of Argan Oil/Olive Oil (optional)
This hair mask is suitable for those who have thin and dry hair. Banana contains potassium which will help strengthen the cuticle without it being flattening and greasy. Honey itself is also a hydrating which will also add a slight gloss to the hair. Method: put the banana, honey and argan/olive oil into a blender. But please not, you must keep blending until no lumps (because the lumps of banana will be a pain to get out of your hair). Apply to the hair, put a shower cap on and leave for 20 minutes. Jump in the shower, wash out, shampoo and condition as normal, and wollah! Your hair will feel ever so soft and hydrated!

Hair Mask 2: Avocado Hair Mask
x1-1/2 Ripe Avocado
x1 Egg Yolk
x1/2 tsp of Argan Oil/Olive oil (optional)
This hair mask is suitable for those who have normal thickness hair but is dry. Avocado is ever so nourishing whilst the egg contains protein which will help to repair the hair shaft. The argan oil and olive oil will help add hydration and the strength to the hair too. Method: put the avocado, egg yolk and argan/olive oil in to a blender. But please note, you must keep blending until no lumps (because the lumps of avocado will be a pain to get out of your hair). Apply to the hair, put a shower cap on and leave for 20 minutes. Jump out of the shower, wash out, shampoo and condition as normal, and wollah! Your hair will feel ever so soft and hydrated!

Hair Mask 3: A Bit Of Everything Above
x1 Ripe Banana
x1 Ripe Avocado
x1 Egg Yolk
x1/2 tsp of Honey
x1/2 tsp of Argan Oil/Olive Oil (optional)
x1/2 tsp of Wheatgerm Oil
This hair mask is suitable for those who have thick hair but is dry. As mentioned before, all these properties are ever so nourishing and hydrating so your hair will feel back to life in no time! Method: Put the banana, avocado, egg yolk, honey and oils into a blender. Wheatgerm oil will help to reverse the damage caused to the hair as its natural agent will help to prevent future damage to the hair. Blend until smooth. Apply to the hair, put a shower cap on and leave for 20 minutes. Jump out of the shower, wash out, shampoo and condition, and wollah! Your hair will feel ever so soft and hydrated.

Please note: you may have to increase the measurements depending on the thickness/length of your hair

Which one will you be trying out?
Much Love,
Eltoria x


Monday, 7 July 2014

Mistakes Women Make When Trying To Attract a Guy

If you are sat here reading this thinking that it is usually the 'bloke' that makes all the mistakes, you my friend are so wrong. As a woman myself I believe that sometimes we let our defensive side (or mechanism) prevail over our normal behaviours. We've all done it and there's nothing to be ashamed of. These observations are purely my own, I could be terribly wrong but comment below if you agree or disagree! So here it goes:

Source: Google
1. Wearing Too Much Makeup
We all want to look amazing when trying to attract a guy, but girl, they don't want to be left with orange marks on their white top. Be as natural as possible whilst enhancing your features without looking like a clown. Often guys hate too much makeup so don't do it! Also do not over do the fake tan.

2. Taking Too Long To Get Ready
Don't spend hours on figuring out what outfit to wear whilst your poor guy waits alone. Or don't throw a 'hissy' fit because your hair isn't going right. If you are a girl that takes forever to get ready then plan. Plan. plan and plan. Have a back up outfit if you're really that bad!

3. Over Thinking (especially text messages!)
'He put two 'x's at the end of his text... does that mean he likes me?'. 'He hasn't texted me back...' (but we continue to send more messages anyway!). Chill out, he may be at the gym, working or just hasn't looked at his phone yet! Crazy isn't the way forward.

4. Paranoia
Negative, negative and more negative thoughts! Some girls feel that they should diet in order to attract a man. This is completely untrue. Be yourself and stop letting those demons define you! A guy should like you for who you are, if not, they can jump in front of a bu... I mean, seagull :p. (I joke).

5. Wear Too Little Clothing
Ok sexy is key, but not slutty. Slutty could attract the 'one nighters' which wouldn't be for you if you wanted something a little more permanent. Stay sophisticated, honest and classy!

6. Trying To Be Someone They're Not
Talking about yourself too much can often lead to this problem- you may say something that is completely misleading which renders you to question (or slag off) why that guy has pied you off (putting it very bluntly). Just be you- that's all that can be said really.

7. Get Jealous Over The Guy's Ex's
Please do not become obsessed ie; hacking into their Facebook account and reading their text messages... that's just weird. If you don't trust them then don't be with them. Simple.

8. Please Don't Get Desperate... No Really, Please
Some women are in such a rush to get a boyfriend they sometimes lower their standards. Not as in look wise (because that's ever so shallow) but in terms of suitability. The worst thing to do is get desperate, date someone for a little while and then crush them in the process. Take it easy, you'll find your perfect man.

So there we have it, do you agree or disagree? Comment below.
Much Love
Eltoria x

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