Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The ULTIMATE 20 Piece Prize Giveaway!

I was meant to be doing this prize give-away once I hit 3,000 followers on Bloglovin' *dough*. However now that I have reached over 4,000 followers I guess we can just exchange the 3 for a 4. So with the new launch of my new blog design and to celebrate blogging for 6 months, I have decided to collaborate the 'ULTIMATE' 20 piece prize give-away which will send you all to beauty heaven. Some of the prizes you will recognise, some you will not, but this bundle of joy is worth around £80! You can enter with your Facebook, Email or Twitter (so anyone can enter) but you will have to fill out these details below. Please scroll down to enter and please read the terms and conditions before doing so.

20 piece prize worth over £80.00!
x1 'Relax and Take a Bath' gift set containing 3 items: Twilight bath bomb, Dorothy bubble bar and Dream Time bath melt: LUSH Cosmetics
x1 Lustre Body Powder: LUSH Cosmetics
x1 12 shades New 'Pretty Pastels' eye-shadow Pallet: MUA
x1 Hide and Conceal cover stick: MUA
x1 Mystical Glitter nail varnish (berry colour): MUA
x1 Mango Body Lotion: The Body Shop
x1 Strawberry Lippy: The Body Shop
x1 'Full Repair' Shampoo: John Frieda
x1 'Full Repair' Conditioner: John Frieda
x1 Limited edition 'Bombardino' bathbomb: LUSH Cosmetics
x3 Facemasks/Hot Chocolate/Berry/Super Fruit Mud: Montagne Jeunesse
x1 Elnat Hairspray: L'Oreal Paris
x1 X lipstick: Natural Collection
x1 Necklace: Emporium
x1 Ring: Odile & Fleur
x1 Body Spray: Impulse

Note: some products may contain nuts, gluten, dairy etc. Please check the ingredients before use
Note: some products may contain nuts, gluten, dairy etc. Please check the ingredients before use

Terms and Conditions

  1. It is mandatory to follow the relevant sites listed below in the competition entry. Following Google Connect (see 'followers' in the sidebar) and subscribing to my new YouTube Channel will earn you Bonus points which will give you extra accreditation. :)
  2. I am afraid that this is only a UK give-away (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland). I hope to do international give-aways in the near future.
  3. If you are under 16, I will need parental/guardian consent in order for me to obtain your address (in order to send the prizes to you).
  4. Any false entries will automatically disqualified ie; I will be checking if you are following the mandatory sites required.

Please enter below:

Best of luck everyone!

Much Love
Eltoria x


Sunday, 23 February 2014

Bare Minerals, Sheer Cover and LUSH: YouTube

Second Video is now up!

Hey lovely people, how is ones weekend going? So this week I thought that I would do another YouTube video! I am slowly coming obsessed with YouTube finding incredible singers (like Alex Goot and Boyce Avenue- Dare to Believe is just an AWESOME song) and funny bloggers like Lucas and Jenny (they are hilarious you guys really need to check them out!). So this week's video is on Bare Minerals, Sheer Cover and LUSH. This video is perfect for anyone who wants to ease their way off foundation because if you are like me, foundation unfortunately makes me break out. If you aren't new to my blog then you will probably know that I have already written a post on mineral makeup before. However this is just an update on new products that I have used (ie: from Sheer Cover and Bare Minerals) Please click here if you would like to have a read of that post, it's even called Bare Naked ;). Oh the hilarity.

Some of you have already tweeted/commented/emailed me for some ideas for future videos, please do not hesitate to contact me, I love to head from y'all. Hope you enjoy this weeks video.


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Much Love
Eltoria x

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Friday, 21 February 2014

Playing with Mud!

... and it's another facemask!

Montagne Jeunesse Mud Clay facemask: £1.00 

Mud facemasks are great for a number of reasons, firstly they are the best secret in keeping your skin looking radiant and secondly they are rejuvenating and toning. Some fracemasks have a stronger concentration of mud (as some brands like cut costs) which consequently makes the product much more dearer. However muds tighten on your skin much more efficiently which consequently tones and evens out skin texture. Using mud masks is a great way to refine pores, reduce blackheads and improve circulation which will help maintain a youthful look! The colour of the clay is key when choosing the right one as they each have varying properties, for example, re-mineralising. Green clay is particularly good for oily and congested pores, white clay is good for sensitive and damaged skin (ie from the sun) and pink clay is good for dry skin. I like to use is 'Mud Clay' from Montagne Jeunesse when I am stressed trying to fight it out with a university essay or even a breakout! This facemask contains dead sea minerals which penetrates into the pores which draws out any impurities. This green/white clay also contains seaweed which is perfect for anyone who has oily/sensitive skin as it will leave your skin glowing. This facemask is also gluten and nut free containing no parabens. O'natural or what?

Do you have a favourite mud mask?

Much Love
Eltoria x

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Sunday, 16 February 2014

New Improved Eltoria

Hey guys! So recently I haven't been blogging as much *slapped wrists* however I have been extremely busy re-styling the Eltoria's Secrets blog! I have traded in the blues and greys for a more clean and colourful look, so what do you all think? Leave a comment below with your feedback (if you wish to). Some of you may know I have an extremely unhealthy obsession with facemasks- yep all the different ranges and colours attract me like a magpie to shiny objects. So I thought that I'd make my blog a little more personal and basically show you guys a little more of me. Each image in the strip above has a meaning, a little something that I like or a ingredient that I look for in beauty products. Please check out all the new links in the side bar and I welcome each and every one of you to my new page. I hope you all like it!

An Avocado is my favourite vegetable- or is it a fruit? A bit of a tricky one there. However I have been eating these green things since I could remember. I was a slightly odd child I used to always ask for a salad bowl with avocados in it rather than having a bowl of spaghetti. It is a proven fact that avocados make your feel full for longer as they contain oleic acid which activates the brain. They are also good for lowering cholesterol and a great source of lutein which helps to prevent eye disease. Avocados are also great in beauty products too! They help nourish the skin which leaves the skin glowing. Although I am green like Shrek in this image, it sure does make your skin look amazing after!

Oh I couldn't resist the good old classic- the cucumber eyes! Along with avocados, I cannot have a salad without cucumbers! They're so juicy! Cucumbers are great in beauty products as they help cool the skin which reduces swelling or redness. Cucumber is in a lot of products which is suitable for sensitive skin. Have a go, it leaves your skin feeling ever so nourished.

Need I say more? Oreo Dairy Milk is honestly THE BEST chocolate out there! Check out my favourite Chocolate facemask by clicking here. It warms up, smells like Terry's Chocolate Orange and is only on the market for £1.00. Need I say more?

So being a beauty blogger I obviously love to read other blogs, magazines, websites and so forth. My favourite bloggers/YouTubers are Jacklyn Hill, Zoella, BeckyLou, Vivienne Does Makeup and Miss Makeup Magpie 

 Harribo at a pamper party? Absolutely! Harribo Starmix are my favourite sweets at the moment- especially the love hearts  

 So there we go guys, what says something about you?
New blog Love
Eltoria xx


Saturday, 8 February 2014

V05 Hair Products- Keeping Your Hair Glossy!

Hey guys! I hope that you all enjoyed my last post, starting YouTube was an exciting yet nervous time for me. If you haven't yet seen it then you can by clicking here. So this week I went into Boots where V05 products were '2 for £5.00' so I of course took advantage of this nifty little discount. I therefore purchased  'Heat Protection Spray' and 'Tame and Shine Spray'. I have been using V05's  Heat Protection Spray for many years now where I believe it to be one of the best out there. It was however my first time purchasing the Tame and Shine Spray where it has become an essential product to pop in my hair when it is styled down. They are individually priced at £3.69 for the Protection Spray and £3.89 for the Tame and Shine Spray.

2 for £5.00 in Boots

 Heat Protection Spray

I have been using this spray for many years now where I honestly feel that it is one of the best out there on the market. Heat defence spray is incredibly important if you are using hair dryers, straighteners or curlers as it can damage your hair by making it feel brittle and dry. This spray can take heat up to 230 degrees as it contains heat activated particles which protects every strand. I like to apply this spray from the mid section of my hair to the ends. You can also use this product as a styling spray which is fabulous if your hair is difficult to put up. Overall this product isn't too heavy so it doesn't leave the hair feeling greasy. Overall I rate this product a strong 7.5 out of 10.

Tame and Shine Spray

This product is suitable for any A list celebrity. The Tame and Shine Spray leaves your hair looking incredibly glossy and silky which even works well on dry or damaged hair. I have now started to use this product every time I wear my hair down and it has made all the difference. My hair looks much more healthier and the shine to it is very noticeable. Personally I do not like using products if they are too 'weighty' as it leaves my hair feeling greasy but this product is very light and effective. You can use this spray when your hair is wet or dry and it also acts as extra protection against heat. I wore this spray at the Elyar Fox music video shoot which made my hair ever so shiny for the cameras! (below). Overall I rate this product 8 out of 10!

Here I used it directly onto dry hair
Do you have any favourites from the V05 range?

Much Love 
Eltoria x


Saturday, 1 February 2014

My Healthy Skin Care Routine- YouTube

So it's taken me since November 25th 2013 to post this video... I was extremely nervous to but I thought that today was the was right time. So my first video is on 'My Healthy Skin Routine' where I shall be reviewing my current favourite products and routine which I think are essential for keeping your skin healthy. Please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel by clicking here.


Please tell me what you think of my first video and drop any suggestions for future videos in the comments below. Thankyou!

Much Love 
Eltoria xx

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