• Monday, 23 September 2013

    September Buys and Benefit

    Beauty Buys

    So recently I have become obsessed with make up- especially from Benefit! Up until this day I have been a pure MAC girl, but one Thursday afternoon everything changed. I popped into my local MAC store to pick up a few products but firstly I wanted some help from one of the make-up artists to get some advice on some colours. I waited 30 minutes (which I didn't mind as it was quite busy) but I was personally made to feel like I was a 'hindrance' or a 'bother' to them so I ended up strolling into the next room- Ah Benefit! The lady greeted me with the biggest smile whilst also complimenting me on my top. She instantly was very attentive and asked if I was all OK, where I then asked if I could try out some new bronzer/concealer colours. She sat me down straight away and pretty much re-did my whole make-up for me- I was chuffed. I ended up buying a 'Play Stick' which is an all in one concealer, foundation and powder. The stick contains green tea, chamomile and ginkgo biloba which helps to maintain a healthy complexion. I got the Play Stick in ivory and paid £26.50- it feels unbelievably light on my skin! I then got 'Hoola' bronzing powder which I highly recommend if you want a natural 'tanned' look. I paid £23.50 for this product (which I know will probably last me a whole year).

    Benefit Review Picture 1
    Benefit Review Picture 2

    I rate the customer service at Benefit 10/10! I also received some samples which were relevant to my skin consultation.
     The Body Shop Atlas Mountain Rose Range

    Perfume- £15.00
    Body Lotion- £10.00
    Shower Gel- £6.50
    Gift Box (which I purchased containing both perfume and shower gel) Only £20!

    You may think 'granny' BUT I LOVE THIS ROSE RANGE! It smells so gorgeous that I just want to indulge myself in this scent 24/7.

     The Body Shop Mango Butter Range

    Small Mango Butter- £5.00
    Mango lip butter- £4.00

    These both smell as good as one another! As my lips are now getting dry and sore from the cold air, I would recommend this lip butter over Vaseline any day!

    Fashion Buys

    Eltoria LOVES! 
    I bought these tops in a larger size so that they would be slightly baggy. I like to wear these tops with leggins, jeggins or lighter jeans.

    Necklace- Primark £2.50
    Both Tops- Primark £4.00 each
    Boots- Newlook £24.99

    Seasonal Purchase

    Jumper- TKMax £16.99

    I actually found this top in the mens section! This jumper is extremely cosy which looks amazing with just a pair of leggins. I always find that the mens section (at this time of year) have better jumpers than the ladies. Be brave!

     SALE Item

    Real Leather Jacket- Newlook £20.00

    I honestly couldn't believe that this little beauty was in the sale for just £20 (reduced from £70!) I however wanted a new leather jacket which WAS NOT black (as everyone seems to be wearing black leather jackets these days) so beige was perfect- I'm in love!

    Candle Buys

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE candles!- especially at this time of year. I have recently been experimenting with many fragrances but if any of you have any personal recommendations then please let me know! This months picks are:

    TU Candles- purchased in Sainsburys on offer for £2.99 each

    Yankee Candle- Mandarin and Cranberry £19.99

    What tickles your fancy then?

    Eltoria x
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