• Thursday, 12 September 2013

    Questions, Answers and Little Beauty Tips

    • Real Name? Simone, I used to be called 'Sim ONE' at school.
    • Why the name 'Eltoria Secrets'?- I really liked the name 'Elle' and the name 'Toria', but I thought on their own they didn't sound right. So I merged them together and got 'Eltoria'. I used 'Secrets' because I'm sharing all my tips to you guys :)
    • Why beauty? If you actually saw my bedroom dressing table- you would know why. Whilst studying for university, learning about other things like beauty and cosmetics completely de-stresses me.
    • What do you consider 'important' when it comes to beauty?- CLEANSING, TONING AND MOISTURISING!- so incredibly important.
    • The best advice you've ever been given about beauty?- avoiding parabens and silicone in hair products! and always to moisturise under the eyes! 
    • Your favorite beauty product and why? Extra Virgin Mineral powder from The Body Shop. I love the way it sits on the skin and it also contains SPF 25.
    •  What’s the one product you wouldn’t leave your house without?- Ambition lipstick from LUSH cosmetics- I'm always wearing red.
    • What’s your favorite eye shadow colour to wear? Smokey- combination of whites, browns and blacks.
    • What’s your favourite makeup look ? Day- natural with coral lip-gloss/or red lip-stick Night- smokey eyes with bronzed cheeks.
    • Your favourite makeup brand? The Body Shop collection and MAC
    • Regular beauty treatment? apart from by eyebrows... My nails!!!! I'm addicted. It makes me feel happy. 
    • What beauty product do you consider to be a treat on a weekly basis?Rainforest deep conditioning treatment from the Body Shop and Mask of Magaminty face-mask from LUSH once or twice a week.

    It has finally arrived! My next post will be on the much awaited face-mask review!

    See you guys here Sunday! Lots of Love Eltoria x

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