• Thursday, 20 November 2014

    15 Things We Do Leading Up To Christmas

    "Holidays are coming, holidays are coming"! Oh boy I am that excited my little cheek bones hurt. Now most of us human beings who love Christmas will know that the 'symptoms of xmas' tend to come extremely early (for me the buzz comes in November). So as a little guide to some of you Scrooges out there, if you are doing at least one of these, you my friend, are excited for Christmas. Let me know which ones you can cross off your check list! 

    1.  We get excited over the Coca Cola advert
    2. You start justifying big spends as a 'early Christmas present'
    3. You buy cosy Christmas pyjamas (usually from Primark)

    4. You start buying the Festive Bake from Greggs
    5. You start buying your Christmas decorations
    6. Home Alone is always on the TV

    7. You start Christmas baking
    8. Jumping onto the scales is a no go
    9. Going out in a ridiculous Christmas jumper becomes acceptable
    10. The work Secret Santa email is sent around
    11. Glitter becomes the best thing ever (even if you hate it)
    12. You're keen to judge who puts on the best Christmas advert 

    13. Christmas Yankee candles!
    14. You start singing along to Christmas songs on the radio
    15. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY... YOU START TO FEEL LIKE A KID AGAIN! (Sorry I just love the lead up to Christmas)
    Am I missing a few out?
    Much Love
    Eltoria x

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