• Tuesday, 18 August 2015

    Life Update & Announcement

    Well what can I say, what a Summer I have had. I honestly have to say that in the last 8 weeks I have been incredibly busy in all aspects of my life. Since getting back from South Africa at the beginning of  July, I have been jammed packed with weddings, social events, family events and not to mention that this blog and my YouTube channel have been keeping me a lot more busier than ever before. Before I go into my life update, I have a little announcement to make. This year I have been asked by Boots UK to attend V-Festival as one of their vloggers and bloggers! I will be at the Boots Beauty Zone tent where I will be glamming up with the #BeautyZone team and showing you all my ultimate festival outfit (trust me there are some gooden's). If you are going to the festival and want to come and say hi please do! Whether it is just a chit chat on hair and beauty, you can also have one of the zone's six beauty/hair stylists to create a fun festival look- think plaits, glitter, lippy, face art... ahh it all sounds so amazing! Despite being ever so excited to take part, I am also excited to see The Script, Sam Smith, Ella Henderson, Calvin Harris, Olly Murs, Nero and much more (let's hope I can get a selfie with at least one of them). So come on by, glam up and be in my vlog and blog photos!

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    Now it may have come to your attention that I have really been focusing on my YouTube channel over the last few months. I have been doing collaborations with other well-known YouTubers like Chip Daddy (click here), and I have also been working with Curveball Documentaries on a recent hair removal project with Leanne Lim Walker (click here). I have more recently been collaborating with Beamly TV Network on a number of their projects which include creating some videos for Rimmel London- you can click here to check those out. I have also been trying to create a range of different styles and genres to my videos where I have not only been doing the classic ‘sit in front of the camera’ style, but also vlogging and look books in some really pretty places (South Africa just to mention one). I would definitely say that my genre was more beauty, fashion and lifestyle but I do also incorporate a lot of ‘tip’ videos (for example how to get a job at LUSH) and more recently travel. I am planning on doing a lot more with my channel so be sure to tune in every Sunday (unless stated otherwise). I am planning on filming my time at V-Festival and more makeup and hair videos in the near future (I may even do some baking ones... hmmm). Click here to subscribe to my channel Eltoria.

    Above: Myself with some of the Gingersnap Models at the Corona Sunsets Festival
    Whilst this post kind of has a festival theme to it, I recently attended the Corona Sunsets Festival with Gingersnap Models where I was dressed up as a ‘festival angel’. Some of you may not know that I have been modelling now and again for a very long time now (since I was 15!). I see it as a really cool hobby to have and I absolutely love the agency love and support that they give on each assignment. After spreading our angel love to a crowd of a good 10,000, we were able to enjoy the festival where we danced and sang to Clean Bandit and met DJ Eton Messy (a definite perk of the job right there). However the weekend just gone I went to Newcastle with a group of my friends. Now I have never been to Newcastle before (other than when I was like 4 perhaps) but my stigmatised impression of industrial chimneys and constant building works has completely been blown out of the water. Other than going out and maybe staying out until 3…4… ok 5am, I did some really fun activities like; ice skating, crazy golf, beach walking, a light house tour and shooting (I need to mention that I came 3rd in the golf). It was really nice to get away and I apologise for failing to upload a post on Sunday *fail*.

    Above: Myself on the beach in Newcastle whilst I watched the boys swim... yep they're mad!
    Not only have pretty much had a jammed packed Summer, it looks like that the rest of the year is pretty much busy too. On the weekend of the 26th of September (my birthday) my boyfriend at Christmas bought me VIP tickets to see One Direction at the O2- I know I'M SO EXCITED. We are also spending the whole weekend in London so I do plan to vlog the whole of it (even the concert) so be sure to subscribe to my channel as that is coming up extremely soon. On the travel side of things, for my boyfriend's birthday I bought him a weekend away in Amsterdam and we are hopefully going to do that before the end of this year (if not early next year). We also desperately want to spend 5 days in New York in December to experience the whole 'Home Alone' vibe so all of the fingers and toes are crossed. Also to top off all of the excitement, I AM GOING TO MEET JASON DERULO! If you didn't know already I am a major fan of his and February next year really cannot come around soon enough! So yeah, no doubt I will be filling you guys in on more plans and adventures that I will be doing this year.

    Above: The Newcastle 2015 gang!
    What have you been up to recently? Will you be going to V-Festival this weekend?
    Much Love
    Eltoria x

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