• Tuesday, 26 August 2014

    How To Get a Job in LUSH

    Ever wanted to get a job at LUSH? Or have an interview very soon for the Winter season? Having worked in LUSH for three years, in three different stores, I feel that I have great knowledge and tips as to how you can get one! LUSH is a great company to work for and is a heaven to any beauty lover. People used to always ask me, how can you cope with that over empowering smell? Eventually you just get used to it and the LUSH smell will become your natural smell on both your clothes and in your bedroom- ooh la la. If you are against animal testing, like campaigning, saving the planet and all up for going green, this job would be perfect for you. LUSH start to recruit for their Christmas Temp positions around this time of year so have a watch of my YouTube video and get applying!

    This video will go through:

     What to include in your CV
     Research for the interview
     The Group Interview
     The Single Interview
     Your Character
     What you are going to expect
     The Madness

    Hope you find these useful!
    Much Love
    Eltoria x

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