• Wednesday, 18 May 2016

    My Current Favourite MAC Lipsticks| Persistence and Heroin

    Now it’s been a while since I have introduced a number of new favourite MAC lipsticks on this blog, so with the sun shining and my Spring wardrobe soon to be ditch, I thought that a couple of new colours in my makeup case wouldn’t hurt. As you can see from these colours, they are pretty much polar opposites. An electrifying purple and a calm casual taupe… they couldn’t be more black and white could they? Both lipsticks are matte and glide onto the lip like a dream. I must say that I find topping up with a matte lipstick can inevitably make my lips feel a little chappy, but then again, the pigmentation in these MAC lipsticks do last a very long time on the lip so I find myself only topping up after I have eaten.

    Persistance is a peachy cinnamon colour which makes the perfect everyday lipstick (I am currently so obsessed with it). It pretty much goes with anything (particularly with a rose gold eye) and I wore it to the UK Blog Awards in April (click here). I originally went to MAC with the intention in buying Velvet Teddy but I really didn't like the colour- it was too pale for my skin tone. So I went for Persistence and I have never since lived to regret it.

    I had been eyeing up Heroin for months and I am now so happy that it is now finally in my collection! Heroin is a gorgeous bright purple colour and it is the iconic product which made MAC famous. I think this lipstick brightens up any outfit/makeup look and it is just ever so gorgeous on the lip. I actually wore it in my recent South Beach Fitness post.

    Do you like these MAC lipsticks? Do you have a current favourite MAC lipstick?
    Much Love
    Eltoria x

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