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    Lily May Hair: Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

    I finally got hair extensions! For the last two years I have been eyeing up these gorgeous Lily May hair extensions and I can indefinitely say that they are worth every penny. For the last three years I have been trying to grow my hair out due to a regrettable decision for a shorter style (I know what a rooky error), but my hair just takes so long to grow out. I wouldn't say that my natural hair was short but it was definitely in need of a little bit of extra length to keep my natural hair away from the heat. What I love about these extensions is that my hair feels and looks a lot thicker and they look really natural- not one person has asked whether I have extensions in (they assume that it is my own). Because I wanted to make my hair thicker and only add a little length, I went for the 100 grams of hair at 16 inches. Before having my extensions put in, I went for a free consultation where Lily was able to match my hair in seconds (she's such a genius) and I only had to wait a week for an application appointment... bonus!

    The type hair extensions that I have had put in my hair are called ‘fusion bonds’ and they come in two different methods: hot fusion or cold fusion. Lily used the cold fusion method which tends to create more of a natural looking finish and it is known to be a lot gentler on the hair and scalp. Instead of hot glue and heat (like the hot fusion method), a keratin-based polymer binder is used to attach on the hair extensions which allows for that natural appearance and finish. The hair is expected to last around six months but the bonds may have to be adjusted and tightened accordingly due to the natural hair growing as normal. I was advised by Lily to come back in 2-3 months to get them checked and trimmed up, but apart from that, I can go on with life as usual (yes even washing my hair isn't a lot different).

    Since having them in, a lot of people have asked me what they are like and I have to say that they feel no different from my natural hair. For the first week my scalp did get a little itchy and they did feel slightly heavy on my head, but the slight itch soon disappeared after a week of having them in (I guess my head was just adjusting the extra thickness and weight). As mentioned above, washing my hair is no different. Yes it does feel a little heavier and it may take slightly longer for it to dry, but after all, you do have extra hair in! The best hairbrushes to use on them is a Tangle Teezer and The Wet Brush for when it is wet (click here), and it is also important to give your extensions a good deep conditioning treatment as often as you can. I have found that I can do more plaits and styles in my hair but I do sometimes find the bonds a little annoying to work around… I’m sure that this is just something that I have to get used to working with.

    With anything there are of course going to be a few pros and cons, so let’s get the bad news out of the way first.

    1. They are expensive- mine cost £275.00! They also require a trained professional to put them in- you cannot do this on your own.

    2. Some stylist do use glue guns which can cause some damage to your natural hair so make sure you ask before they apply.

    3. Fusion extensions may get damaged if you use heat too often (and consequently they will not survive the full 6 months). 

    4. Upon removal it may seem that you are losing a lot of your natural hair. This is in fact the natural hair that you loose on a daily basis through ‘shedding’ (but this isn't something to worry about).

    5. They may itch slightly in the first week (or two) in having them in- if it is for longer it may be worth contacting your stylist.

    But there are of course many positives:

    1. They naturally make your hair look longer and thicker and you can also style them however you want.

    2. They can be used to boost the colour of your natural hair- for instance the ombre that I had added into my hair in fact lightened the colour that I had in my natural hair.

    3. They can last up to 6 months if looked after properly- so it is important to use deep conditioning treatments and conditioners to the ends of your hair. Applying these conditioning treatments to the roots of your hair may cause the bonds to loosen so try avoiding this.

    4. They allow for your natural hair to grow out normally- who knows I may not need them after I have had them out!

    5. They are a good tool if you want to revive your natural hair to life- they protect the natural hair from heat caused from styling. 

    My before and after picture- find Lily on Instagram (click here) and Twitter (click here)
    Are you thinking about getting hair extensions any time soon?
    Much Love
    Eltoria x

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