• Sunday, 3 July 2016

    Huge Life Update| I MET TINIE TEMPAH!

    Good morning everyone! Firstly, how on earth can it be July already? This year seems to be flying by! So in this post I really wanted to update you on what is going on in my life... because A LOT has changed. Some of you may of noticed that I went a little quiet last week (apologies for this there is a real reason I promise) and tomorrow marks something truly special. So here I go. As from tomorrow I will be a full time Blogger and YouTuber... well temporarily to see how things go. I haven't quite quit my job just yet, I have instead taken a sabbatical which is an unpaid career break. In this time I have so much planned; more blog posts, more YouTube videos, travelling, bringing you content from abroad, blog/YouTube re-vamp, more fitness videos/tips and... one other little thing which I am keeping a secret until it's all finished (I need to guys to see it really). So yeah, I'm excited, nervous and just so keen to get stuck in! This is something that I do want to do as a career so any help from you guys would be much appreciated.

    Ok so the fun doesn't stop there either. I also have a manager! I know, how cool! My manager shall be helping me out on my journey and I cannot wait to see what happens! I will be having another email address where I can be contactable on so I shall make sure that I include that on all of my social media channels.

    Lastly, I was asked to take part in the McDonadls #HelloGoodTimes campaign with Tinie Tempah where I attended a super exclusive concert... in a McDonalds in Birmingham! It was extremely similar to last year's campaign where Jessie J went around London singing on a tour bus. So I was extremely honoured to be asked to attend. You can check out the video by clicking here (I am in it at least 3 times as I was right at the front).

    So the Eltoria schedule has now changed. From Monday-Friday (so five times a week) I shall be posting a new post. Additionally starting this Wednesday, I shall be posting a video on my YouTube channel three times a week (x2 main channel videos and a weekly vlog) on a Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. So there's a lot more going on so be sure to follow all of my social media channels:

    Instagram: @eltoria_
    Twitter: @eltoria_
    Snapchat- simone-adriana
    Facebook: Eltoria
    YouTube: Eltoria

    Thank you so much for all of your support, without it none of this would be happening and I am truly grateful.

    Much Love
    Eltoria x

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